Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Arrived home to find a box with these in...

In the Beginning by Michele Hill, just released Called Arts & Crafts Collection.

I am ecstatic!  Ive been a William Morris Strawberry Thief fan since 1996 when I visited the Victoria & Albert museum (V & A) in London for the centenary exhibition of the great mans passing.  I actually stood in front of a Hammersmith weaving & cried (okay Im a wuss I dont care)  Now I have my sticky little mitts on WHOLE BOLTS of these fabrics.  I actually feel like unrolling them and wrapping them round me (oh dear!)  Could be because I feel out of the car this morning & tore my best trousers and damaged myself (how dramatic it was) until my husband after picking me up burst out laughing saying you were there and then you disappeared, highly hilarious.  Ive eaten 3 chocolates, 2 cakes & a penguin, I figure they are all good for shock, oh and two coffees so I am really bouncing now.  I want to cut my fabrics and start stitching
But Id better get them up on my website first.  www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk
They will be launched at a discount of £10 per metre.  Beautiful....lalalala

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