Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Strawberries, cherries & an angels kiss in spring.........................

Got to be a title for a piece of work, cant get it out of my head
How about this for starters?
This is better, now to do more experimenting

Lalala  summer wine....

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Well what a few days with the weather, stunning lightening & horrid thunder.  Hardly any sleep, gosh I hate it so much.  Resorted to watching Sleepless in Seattle & Youve got mail cause Im not allowed to sit in it even with my factor 50 hat on.
Ive got to have another op on my eye, seems its too tight, huh, I knew that, Ive a mini face lift on my right eye and the left is still baggy.  How do people do cosmetic surgery is beyond my comprehension.
Ive been busy stitching, Perpetual calendars for November & December, figure would keep me cool, heehee, now swollen ankles from standing nearly all day.
Got very upset at the accident at the German F1 grand prix & for all the relatives and friends of the aeroplane.
Here is a bag I have just made
Called Sienna.  It is a PRE-CUT kit, that means that everything is cut to size, just ready to sew.  They are limited edition.  Ive not put them on the website as they are going very fast.  If you would like one then please email me

My new range of Guttermann fabric called Veros world arrived, 58 inches wide.  So I am only selling it in half metres at £7 per half metre, thats the equivalent of 3 fat quarters.  Its selling at £18 / £19 per metre on other sites & mine is £14 so a huge bargain.  Here is a zippered bag called MEADOW again it is totally pre-cut with instructions of how to make it.  Pre-cut bags cannot be made in alternative fabrics as they are copyrighted to studioapatchshe.  They do not come with a pattern, they come with all the fabric pre-cut & instructions without measurements.  These have been designed & made by myself.
These are the lovely Veros world fabrics that Meadow is made from.
Im into teaching zips at the moment.  But sliding on the zip pulls onto continuous zip is soooo boring.
Again if you would like a bag kit please do get in touch.

We have also been away alot at our daughters on nana duty, with a little man who is crawling about, standing and walking around the furniture, he is not 10 months yet.  Such a lovely little lad, very happy and bright, but not a sleepy child!
He is keeping me on my toes and the weight off.  Ive still lost 3 stone and all last summers clothes are falling off me.  Ive had trips to Oxfam & to M & S to replace everything & I mean everything, only downside is the huge bingo wings & withered boobs, but I love wearing uplift bras, gosh stuff has changed so much since I became fat!  I even treat myself now to giant chocolate buttons & the dreaded D, without the pills seems to be okay.  Except this morning where I was parading around in a new pair of cargo trousers size 16 (bit tight round the tummy roll), having just pricked my finger, I ended up with what looked like a gallon of blood (yep exaggeration) all over my cream trousers.  Took ten minutes of saliva to get it all off, by then I was so hot that I had to sit by the fan.  WHen they dried I lasted an hour before they had to be removed.  Still I could get them on & do the button up! Result.
Enough of the waffle.  Time to try & sleep, before teaching feather & whip stitch tomorrow, Ive some great ideas, well I think they are great, dont know what my masterclass will think
Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I cant believe that its nearly a month since I posted.  It seems that Facebook has taken over from blogs.  Mywe bsite posts directly to Facebook, I widh I could get it to post here as well.
Ive been busy Nanaring again.  Its so wonderful being a Nana, I never ever thought I would be this smitten.
Ive had no time to make art or textiles, except for a prototype of a zippered bag, that needs defining.
Today Ive had a large shipment of fabric arrive.
Just released is Veros world, by Gutermann fabrics called Country Chic Cottage

These are small patterns, suitable for any project.
I am selling a metre for £11.75, which may be the cheapest on the web for just released fabric.  They are extra wide too at 54 inches so it really good value.

Now Ive to design some pre-cut items.  Ive such a long list.

Oh by the way, Thethreadstudio.com ezine 5 has just been released with my links & connections workshop in.  It has a challenge and also Ive done a guru.
A fabulous magazine with lots of articles & workshops.
Thanks for reading x

Monday, 9 June 2014


A good day stitching today, my mentored class was very inspiring, a terrific group with lots of very good ideas.
Yesterday was creating a new pattern to kit for later on this year.

On Saturday a stall had a good idea of cutting the cardboard bolts in half & I am busy getting my husband to do this for me, this evening Ill be wrapping them up again.  I shall do around 20 and see what I think.  Such a good idea & will enable me to take my lovely fabrics on the bolt to class, so Id better get oof here and get folding!
Thethreadstudio EZINE will be out soon, my series of Links & Connections will begin.  Sign up now.

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Lovely day today at Nene Quilters, the speaker was Sandra Meech.
 Here she is in front of her lovely quilts from 1995.  I do love this quilt

Machine applique.  I have known Sandra for many years & her presentation was excellent.  Very interesting.

Had a bit of a discussion about blogs.  A couple of ladies were a bit scoffy about  blogs, well each to their own.  I love them. What do you think?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Hellooo again, Im so sorry I promised to blog more and then didnt.

Ive had a fabulous time.  Moving my daughter & 8 1/2 month old grandson (yep he really is that old already) from a third floor flat with no lift to a spacious 4 bedroomed house, which is terrific.  Oh what fun we had, removal men, cleaners who didnt speak English.  Who didnt clean the carpets UNTIL we were moving in, duh duh duh.  A screaming baby who could be heard from what seemed like miles away (but wasnt), very early morning park walking lol

I ache, oh boy do I ache.  I found myself cleaning windowsills and using a funny object with a pole and a fuzzy thing at one end, which I heard whispered was a sweeping brush......
No sewing has taken place, except in the very middle of all of this was a dash home to deliver a workshop and take the fabric shop to Desborough Patchwork & QUilters monthly meeting.  That was lovely too seeing people Ive not seen for yonks and meeting new people.
We used the Accuquilt & made flowers to applique, as my wrists are still very sore my samples were either machined or just pinned but they are a smashing group & didnt mind at all.

Then it was back to box city, I swear my daughter has shares in a plastic box company as they seem to multiply each time I entered a room.
We had been bought a brand new fabo bed, duvet, pillows, covers, curtains & cupboards full of our favourite foods, so very thoughtful and much appreciated.
My job was to play, feed, change, walk and generally be a nana.
When he reached out and touched my face and looked at me opened his mouth and kissed me, I felt like I owned the world & everyone was happy.  I cried.
Magical.  I never thought I would ever feel the same feelings as I did for my two children as babies again, but oh I am soooo grateful.

In between all of this wonderful time, I am tinged with a huge amount of sadness for a good friend of mine who has tragically lost her husband.

This evening I saw another good friend whom Ive not seen since I shifted, what seems like overnight, three stone in weight. She was amazed.  IM still amazed.  All my shorts and cut offs fall off, its hysterical like those transformation ads in the paper that I always think are airbrushed lol

Onto the stitching front.  I previously worked very hard making 2 new bags and kits and a few other bits and bobs.  Im still trying to find the best way of stacking, sorting & carting around boxes of heavy fabrics.  Mark about 10 is being trialled!

Ive been designing for new quilts for my students and have welcomed two new students who share very fond memories of my first patchwork tutor Pauline Rumbold.

Ive a Guru to write and a new workshop for Dale Rollersons Ezine (thethreadstudio.com), quick smart, so its stopathome for me for a few days.

Ive been travelling around on the tube (underground) and observing people.  In the carriage last week were I suppose 30 people EVERYONE, (except me) was on a phone, tablet or had earphones in.  No one looked up.  You know people on the tube wear really scuffy shoes, I was fascinated with that & had to giggle to myself.  I had this overwhelming bubble inside to blurt that nugget out, but thought better of it cause I would be seen as a nutcase.  I managed to travel with no incidences this time, way hey thats a first.  Had to go into Paperchase, what is it with that shop, it draws me in & its so small, especially with all the travellers with enormous suitcases trying to get in, hilarious.  I only bought a pen.  Cause I only have like a million but this one was so pretty.  Two pounds for a biro is ridiculous. £2.50 for a hot chocolate is scandalous but very yummy.
Oh at Liverpool street I was sitting waiting for the right tube (Ive learnt, not to jump on a tube and shout is this the tube for Epping any more) when this young lady dumped her holdall next to me, removed her earphones and took off her top, revealing to all a very skimpy white see through thin strapped top, no bra, then put her earphones back on, I was all astonishment to quote Caroline Bingley (Ive been reading Pride & prejuice again whilst sitting in the park with the buggy) Well I never, no I never lol

WHoops I was talking textiles & now Im going to hunt for some images.  You know one day I might just post a tutorial...you never know.  Oh there are lots of reduced fabrics  www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk  The rep has been, oh dear.....
There was a huge spike yesterday in blog views, how odd, I wonder why?
Thanks for reading, Im not making promises lol, but  you never know.... my deli gelli is on the worktable, not soso as is all over the web but my ideas!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I am a fabriholic.  There its out.  Im out.  I cant help it.  Why this revelation?
My fabric rep has just been & I PROMISED myself I would look and not buy
Lucky 13 bolts later.... Ive got that sort of high... you know the one if you are part of the clan.  Of course threads & notions do the same and knitting wool, needles, soldering irons, oooh silk and wool tops and yummy velvet.  There is no help, its a vice.
Here is a sneaky peek at a couple of the complete yummieness (daft word)
Clothworks - winters wings, multiple layers of text branches and various birds, I dithered between cream background and green, back and forth, where is my usual decisiveness, flown away (ouch) with all the excitement

This beautiful bag I designed
Called Revolution, is all sold out as a PRECUT kit.
So Ive ordered a new range of fabrics from Gutermann (the thread company)
called Country Chic. & tres chic they are.  The new bag will be a little different and here is just a peek at one of the new fabrics
Veros world, gorgeous.

Onto to Geliplate experimentation.  Ive had no time to add further to the Gelli Deli fun.  Deli paper is still available but Ive no more creative kits at the moment.

As I know love the world chic, a new kit will be available soon, Creative Chic, with velvet as part of the package.  I need a bit of a think, as a creative leaflet will be enclosed.
Coming soon will be more Rayon threads, as the previous 'lot' sold out in a few days.
Remember all my PRECUT bag kits are limited editions of 4 to 6, so need to be snapped up very quickly.  The same patterns are used but in different fabrics, but always a maximum of 6.
Im mulling over lampshades......
Meanwhile check out the 2m sales pieces and the remnant page over on www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk

Happy stitching with our addictive hobby, thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Experimental couching

Hi, I remembered to take photos of my masterclass students work. Yey!
We had a day where I pushed them to experiment with couching by machine. Inspiration was the bag of threads they bought, a sheet from me and a pep tallk. Then it was over to their machine book and away.
They are very talented.  I dont have pictures of all the work. Ive now worked out how to do multiple photos on my tablet.
Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Well I am always dramatic!

Hi, Ive been grandmothering with tales to tell, seems if you are going to travel then make sure its not when I am!
Last Thursday (gosh nearly a week ago) I went to work for the morning, teaching a super group of very clever ladies, at lunch time DH arrived to whisk me to the station.  I sauntered home , Id oodles of time.  Arrived at the station with 10 mins to spare to see the train arriving on the centre of the station.  I dont know about red bull giving wings but I suddenly went into manic flight mode and with two heavy bags ran up the long staircase 3 stairs at a time, at the top of the stairs my legs buckled and i staggered into the wall, the momentum spun me round and I slithered along the wall until I got to the hole where the down staircase is (was...English SHelagh) I sort of slid down the stairs and at the bottom crashed into the train & hit the first class door button, to my utter surprise it opened.  By now I couldnt speak.  Fortunately I was in first class, a, treat from my beautiful daughter.  I slumped down, the train was going by now & magically like Mr Benn, the guard appeared with the free tea trolley.  The guard appeared 3 times more, bringing gifts like the magi, crisps, biscuits, drinks.  I think he thought I was going to conk out on him, lovely kind man.
So off to st Pancreas I went, with the inevitable delay....
So onto the tube (underground), you know the one where it is forbidden to talk, look at another person or indeed exist.  Change of tube at bottom of escalator.  Goody straight on, then oh what did the board say.   ?  4 stations later after rubber necking at each station, I got out (Stratford) Olympic park, super memories from THE games.  I was on the wrong train...duh, oh well never mind wait for another one (okay its getting boring sorry but I am going to spit it out)
There had been a delay so all the tubes were stacked up in the tunnel, eventually an Epping tube arrived hooray!
Bumping along, ...a voice shouts, this is a central line train to Debden....W H A T
panic over thats before my stop, phew, doors open a man gets on, sits opposite me, doors close...this is a central line station to Loughton...  the new main shouts W H A T, this is Debden, then I break the golden rule and I say well it was Epping when I got on, then it was Debden, blah blah, ALL the people stop playing on their phones, tablets or whatever and stare at me including new man, who looked a bit peeved (think I stole his thunder heehee)  So off we go and get off at Loughton & I am a lemming and I follow everyone across the station onto a waiting tube, sit down, coat off, pick up the Metro paper lying next to me & then burble burble burble, everyone gets up and runs OFF the tube, followed by me & the run across the station onto another waiting tube, I grab a man (and I mean grab) clever SHelagh...not..WHY are we running onto this train, he extracts himself from my vice like grib and shouts in my face ..cause its going,,,somewhere else, I didnt understand, so I sat down, funny though no one sat any where near me.......
Ive gotta go work now, the tales continue, oh and a bit of stitching to come soon too.  If you got this far, I pulled my stomach muscles and bashed my shoulder, oh & Ive tooth ache too, lalala....

Friday, 2 May 2014


Hi.  Im back from my enforced break.  Ive been able to sew by machine with a brace on, but no hand sewing & certainly no messing about with my websites and facebook.  But Ive had enough & Im back

So to celebrate (lol) Ive put a few fabrics into the SALE, 2 metre pieces of Michael Miller, RIley Blake, Studio E, Red Rooster & more.
All at a huge bargain price of £12 for two whole metres of high quality fabric.  Cheaper than good quality calico. Plus p & p.
WHen its gone its gone (WIGIG) took me ages to know what that meant.

Ive some new bag patterns & PRE-CUT kits
Cottage Loaf Bag.  The pre-cut kit includes the flowers all pre-cut, the reverse has a pocket & there is a pocket inside.  Channels for a draw string and even the stiffener for the handles.
There is a version in black as well.  £16 plus p & p & your chosen wadding (batting)

Fabrics are on www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk
Patterns are www.studioapatchshe.co.uk

Last Saturday I went with a coupleo f friends to a workshop run by Brenda Walker of Country Folk.
I took this fabric with me
STUDIO E - Beautiful Garden girl, by Tea & sympathy. With the intentions of making a bag.
Brenda designs beautiful patterns & kits & she had a rabbit cushion
Not actually this cushion but one with 3 rabbits on.  As I am a designer, I dont think that its the done thing to completely make a kit as it has been designed, so I tweaked the original pattern & design, whilst still keeping the essence of the original
Here is Beautiful Garden Bunnies.  The fabric is for sale in the shop.
As the (boring Shelagh) wrist does not permit much hand stitching, I used ric-rac for the flower stems & raided Brendas el cheapo button box for the flowers.
I blanket stitched the binding by machine & stitcheda round the bunnies with gold thread zigzag & straight stitch by machine.  Amazing how new decisions are made when they have to be.  Normally I would have hand stitched it & I would have done blanket stitch round the bunnies, only by go to workshops Bernina does not have a blanket stitch on it.  I had very few machine threads & only a bobbin of gold thread so thats what it had to be.  I had no hand threads, but Brenda was selling some perle threads cheaply, purple, green & brown.  Im always brave with thread choices as I dont like too much matchy matchy.
I hope you  like it.  I planned the pattern around the border & the inner sparkle is directional so it cut correctly.  Its cute, not what I usually do, but huge fun!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


So sorry Ive been absent.  Ive hurt both my wrists & have been away from the puter. The image is not my arm lol.
Lots going on & Ill be back...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

BAG FEST & Threads

Ive been having a bag making fest
 Lally bag - there is a class on making this bag on Thursday 29th May
 Wedge Bag - this is a pre-cut kit & is available from studioapatchshe
 Named by Trish, this is the Quilt Bag, up coming workshop on this bag
 Blossom Bag
 With pockets & draw cord upcoming workshop & kit
 Lally Bag 29th May 2014
And for a bit of deviation! The Spinning Wheel cushion - pre-cut kit using my beautiful William Morris fabrics, that I am thrilled to get my hands on them at last!  Whilst stocks  last, if I dont use them all first!

Rayon thread packs are now up on www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk

Postage is £2.90 for one pack, because they fall into the small parcel postage.  However I will refund excess postage on anything else ordered with the threads to the small parcel limit, via Paypal
Five 1000 metres of glorious Rayon thread for £11


Yummy yummy threads, just arrived at www.patchworkfabricuk.co.uk
New category, uploading today
Grab them quick, they are truely scrumptious.   Thank goodness for spell check, the word I typed was very silly.

New bag and pattern, called Wedge bag, mostly pre cut kit and new fabrics.
All to be uploaded whilst watching tripe on the tv tonight, im off to sew, have a lovely day where ever you are x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Fabric Sale, until midnight 6th April 2014 BST, 20% OFF ALL fabrics


No P & P price rise UK Mainland & NI, elsewhere will incur additional p & p charges

Excludes P & P, workshops, classes, kits or specials

Bag yourself a really good deal




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