Saturday, 12 April 2014

BAG FEST & Threads

Ive been having a bag making fest
 Lally bag - there is a class on making this bag on Thursday 29th May
 Wedge Bag - this is a pre-cut kit & is available from studioapatchshe
 Named by Trish, this is the Quilt Bag, up coming workshop on this bag
 Blossom Bag
 With pockets & draw cord upcoming workshop & kit
 Lally Bag 29th May 2014
And for a bit of deviation! The Spinning Wheel cushion - pre-cut kit using my beautiful William Morris fabrics, that I am thrilled to get my hands on them at last!  Whilst stocks  last, if I dont use them all first!

Rayon thread packs are now up on

Postage is £2.90 for one pack, because they fall into the small parcel postage.  However I will refund excess postage on anything else ordered with the threads to the small parcel limit, via Paypal
Five 1000 metres of glorious Rayon thread for £11


Yummy yummy threads, just arrived at
New category, uploading today
Grab them quick, they are truely scrumptious.   Thank goodness for spell check, the word I typed was very silly.

New bag and pattern, called Wedge bag, mostly pre cut kit and new fabrics.
All to be uploaded whilst watching tripe on the tv tonight, im off to sew, have a lovely day where ever you are x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Fabric Sale, until midnight 6th April 2014 BST, 20% OFF ALL fabrics

No P & P price rise UK Mainland & NI, elsewhere will incur additional p & p charges

Excludes P & P, workshops, classes, kits or specials

Bag yourself a really good deal


Sunday, 30 March 2014


The limited edition Creative Deli Pack 1 is now all sold out.

Edition 2 will be available soon, along with more ideas & photos

Im not supposed to be on here, my mothers day card told me to stay off the puter today, whoops.....

Ive had such a lovely day, thank God for my children, it really should be a thank you day to them for giving me such a wonderful life.  I quite simply love you both & my first mothers day with my grandson, who was complete magic all day. xxx
For mothers everywhere

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Through the wires

Two heads half a world apart are being put together again in a new creative challenge, which Im sure will involve Deli paper!
Ive found out why Ive a lot of enquiries for one particular fabric, seems that Fons & Porter have a quilt made of it in a magazine, ah ha, there is now a world shortage it seems.  I even went to EQS yesterday & had a looksee

This is the lovely fabric, which is completely sold out, to America, where it came from, not a good carbon footprint here.  Called Close to Home, there are others in blue & in black, both lovely, If I could find the pattern Id see if I could suggest an alternative colourway.  Perhaps Ill suggest an alternative to them!

Its been glorious here today.  Ive been pricing, photographing, uploading, parcelling, cutting & bopping around to Enrique on The Voice!

Lewis Hamilton is on Pole, taking the British record today from Jim Clark,  congrats to him & good luck for the F1 grand prix tomorrow.
Its mothers day here tomorrow and Ive the best day to look forward to.  Ive a lovely bunch of Interflora roses & freesias, a smashing lunch & all my family together.  Life is good.  I hope whereever you are you have a lovely day too
Thanks for reading x

Friday, 28 March 2014

Pub lunch and too much fabric

Watch the website ive been shopping with my friend and now we are in the pub yummy

Saturday, 22 March 2014


David Beckham doing a Del boy on Sport relief last night, one of the funniest       things Ive seen for years.
Fantastic total of over 50 million pounds.  What a wonderful country we are.

Ive a brand new kit for sale.  The Kit Bag, a Pre-cut kit to make a bag 6.5 by 9.5 inches.  link is by clicking here

Fabrics are Tweet Together & lovely range of co-ordinating fabrics
Great project to sew in a couple of hours or to give as a gift

Friday, 14 March 2014


On this very fine day I have posted a freebie on stitching on Deli paper under the tabs at the top of the blog.
The image is of a mini workshop available on my websites and
Todays adventure is getting squidged in the awful boob machine at the hospital, yuk, great way to spend a day off, humph.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Albert Watson Photography

My friend Sheila told me today about a documentary on BBC channel 4 last night called
Im so glad that she did (thanks Sheila)
What a fabulous program, I really enjoyed it.  I now feel all fired up with my photography

This is Albert Watson, extremely famous fashion photographer, he is 71!
Wonderful clouds, so beautiful.  If you love stunning scenery, photography and the artists own story, then this is a great program to watch on catch up, I hope that you enjoy it, as much as I did.

Monday, 10 March 2014


Liberty of London make a fabulous fabric called Tana Lawn
Ive managed to get two pieces of this fabulous fabric called Umbitza, paisley.
Ive put it on my fabric website.

Today Ive been asked about sending fabric to the USA.  Such a shame that it costs so much over here for fabric that to return it to USA makes it a very high price.  The cost of postage is about the same from both sides.  But here in ENgland the Post Office / Royal Mail do like to charge £8 for the privilege of delivering parcels, this is on top of the p & p and any VAT charges.  Not really a global marketplace is it?
Ive had a lovely weekend in the beautiful sunshine.  My first trip to Kiddicare was an experience!  Especially with a very happy little boy whose sunny smiles and giggles kept me very entertained.  My back is giving me gipp today, no wonder when I just had to put him on every little rocking animal in the store.  Managed to get out of the shop with only the purchase of one noisy robot toy.  ANother trip to Costa (certainly the right name lol) more chocolate drunk (oh dear Shelagh)
A great celebration when my husband won the gold medal for the triple jump (over 60) at the Masters UK championships.  My grandson was fascinated with the shot put.  He caused quite a stir with his lovely little oohs and ahhs & didnt even muff when the starter guns went off he was so interested.
This lovely Riley Bake fabric Hooty Hoot has just arrived and very sunny it is too, lovely colours and jolly motif.

Ive changed the date for the Lally bag, further announcement to come.

Friday was spent making a new bag, which is not quite finished as it needs some hand sewing and my wrists are not up to it at the moment, hmmmm I wonder why lol
Hope the sunshine comes back here tomorrow, June yesterday back to March today brrrr

Friday, 7 March 2014


Report from Duxford quilt fair today.  We arrived at around 10.30 am, lots of cars there already and a queue for tickets.  We had pre-paid £5 over 60, £6 under which was a saving of £1 on the door price, so we were waved through.  That was worth it as it was cold and windy.  The male toilets had large female signs on which is terrific, well done Duxford.
The tea area is now on the far left hand side of the hanger, near to a fabulous plane (sorry didnt take note what it was), I thought plenty of seating, large area, bit too large for sandwiches (very expensive) hot food, cake (yummy but I didnt) and tea & coffee, not much of a queue when I went to get a lovely hot chocolate, which was £2.50.  Coffee and tea was £2 & latte etc £2.50

My opinion of the general show (my opinion) is that it was a bit like the market of quilt shows, I was quite disappointed.  Lots of stalls with £5 & £6 per metre fabric.  Mostly the cheap stuff, has to be a trader cant buy quality fabric that cheap you know, the mark up is not what it should be.  Lots of stalls cutting fabric with long queues as they didnt have enough staff.  The isle with Kaleidescope books and lady sew and sew was daft, no where near large enough.  Lady sew and sew (not my favourite place, miserable staff) had their huge wadding bolts right out into the isle, I would not buy wadding like that with all the fibres and germs from all the people on it!  But then I am fussy.
There were a couple of demonstrators who have been there before, nothing new.  The sewing machine shop had Janome and a few Berninas but no Bernina spares, poor I thought.  The French stand with their unique hand printed fabrics were not doing much of a trade.  I found a stand selling bag handles with a free bag pattern which I thought was a good idea & I think I will sell some of the handles too.

Nothing was memorable, honestly this is my opinion, I dont think I will go again.
The quilts - miniatures that were not.  That makes me mad.  Journal type quilts which were lovely.  Beautifully framed machine embroideries, which were nothing out of the ordinary except they were framed well.  Some very nice basic quilts, thats about i.  Except for my highlight of the day.  The Imperial War Museum had a stand outside the door with lots of stuff (repro) from the first or second world war and there they were, the teddy bears.  I picked one up with joined arms and legs and black glass button eyes and fell in love with it (made in Germany, which I thought so funny in an odd sort of way)  I decided to buy it and then I looked at the other one who looked so sad, I couldnt resist and bought both of them, Im going to name them Nina & Jack after my parents.  Make clothes for them and keep them for my Grandson when he is older to play with here at my home.  I love them, so cute.  Yep I have finally gone bonkers.
I bought very little.  On the way back we stopped at a quilt shop where my Cheltenham spire bag was very much admired so I did a self promo which I think shocked the staff a bit.  I was tired by then.
I didnt take any pictures, some of the stands had no photography on them, heavens knows why cause there was nothing to shout about, gosh how many people would be able to make an exact copy of a quilt from a tiny photo, its daft
Im glad I went especially with such lovely friends.  I am now looking forward to the Malvern quilt show.  I just love Malvern.
The first two images are two of the fabrics I used for my Cheltenham spire bag, taught yesterday.  If you would like to make this bag then please contact me to go on a waiting list.
The third image is of a laminated bag kit available on the website  or
Choose any fabric & in the kit will be enough fabric to make a Laminated tote style bag & a set of instructions, all for £14 including UK mainland & NI postage.  Postage for elsewhere will be at the additional cost
The final bag is my Lally bag workshop - Tuesday 8th April 2014.  Cransley Village Hall - £25.  10am to 3.50pm contact by clicking on the word HERE
This is a beautiful large bag with a plaited handle, pockets in side, a button fastening and a zigzag top.  It requires a charm pack plus 1 metre.  A kit from fabrics on the website is available contact with your requirements.

Im watching the Athletics, having a rest this evening & into designing tomorrow hopefully.  I am hopeful that absorbing the general stitchery atmosphere today will spark off some creativity
Have a great weekend.  Ill try to do a newsletter soon and more Deli paper & Glassine play.  Creative packs are now available.  Mark one are selling fast. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Or not, a whole evening of 3 hours wasted.  Yep totally wasted, Ive been in contact with 3 reps from my website host company trying to sort out this

Ive another web domain name.

I thought that this would be a better name as it says what I am selling.  Im keeping  Simples....oh no its not

Picture this, 7 months of hard graft nearly every evening adding data, coping buttons, blah blah (please dont nod off!)  Then I think hey ho Ill upgrade the new name to an ecommerce with a lovely cart that has pictures, the option to give you lovely folks a loyalty code and the quick option to do flash sales.  Yippee Shelagh, pay your dosh, copy the site over and then...nothing, huh...nothing
So  contact and ask whats up and how about this.  It cant be done, yep nothing in the Weebly blurb that says it cant be done, apparently all my stuff is in html code and not a csv file (yep Im glazing over too)  Ive options,
1.  Do everything again (I dont have a spare 7 months)
2.  Write a csv file, the sample file talks about grommets and widets.  Im so cross that I asked what on earth are those, to be told they are example products, whats up with trousers and shoes eh? everyone knows they are products grrr
3.  Get a refund
4.  GO back to the original site format
5.  GIve up and go and hide under the stairs

Decision.  Get money back, get 3 months free, leave the site as it is & the new one.  Go to Duxford quilt fair tomorrow and chill out with my mates.

I give up.  The world of website building has beaten this dinosaur.  Ill stick to stitching, which I did today with a lovely group of people making the Cheltenham Spire bag and very beautiful they were and I forgot to take any pictures, sorry
Im not uploading anything tonight, Ive had enough.  Ill report on Duxford tomorrow.  Gosh I need chocolate.
Sorry to off load x

Monday, 3 March 2014


Hi, from an early Spring here in England, some beautiful days, hardly any wind, scudding clouds and beautiful clear air and enchanting blue skies.  If this damn cold would go away I would feel quite chipper!

First news is that I know have a dedicated web address for my fabric store / shop

I love the name and it does say what it does on the tin lol!

Im working away at it, as I have to convert every single little piece, serves me right for not reading all the small print.  Still I will have a lovely cart with pictures and I will be able to offer discounts and codes and flash sales, in the meantime the 'old' website format is still working, both on and on
It will take me a few weeks to re-do everything, but do pop by and she how Im getting along, Im trying to put explanations, well more words anyway attached to each of the fabrics.  All such a lot of learning Im now trying to come to grips with whatever SSL is......  Still keep any boredom away.
I had a lovely day today with my mentored class, who were all doing such diverse things, it was so lovely to see such activity.

The next news is that the CREATIVE DELI PACKS are ready, whooo hoo, at last.  I had a great long list of people waiting that I had to order in more supplies, hence the delay, everyone is treated equally here (hopefully)
If you click on these words it will take you to a link on the studioapatchshe website
According to analytics's writing click here and such is a no no, hummmm.
The picture shows some of the items the pack contains, the extras will vary.

The packs have a few surprises in them as well as the advertised items.
I am aiming to do other creative packs eventually.

This weekend is the Duxford quilt fair.  This is the one place that I would love to have a stand, so Im going to have a look.

Its WOrld tennis day today which seems a trifle contrite given the European problems with Russia etc.  I do feel that Putin has waited until the Olympics had finished to wield the big stick again, oh dear what a worry.  Lets look on the bright side and hope that a solution can be found really quickly for all our sakes.

I caught sight of the Oscars today, such a co-incidence that they co-incided with the trial of Oscar Pistorius.  Of which I have no comment until the facts have been told, except we are all now denied seeing him run again, no matter what the outcome is.
Back to the silly Oscars, I thought the speak by Steve Mcqueen was excellent.  SOme of the dresses were fantastic

Lupita Nyong'o so beautiful

And I just love this dress on Cate Blanchett so much, that Ive added a bit of lace to the Creative packs in its honour.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I am having huge fun putting together my Creative Deli pack.  I have decided to order other bits and bobs for it, so it should be ready early next week.
I have a lovely waiting list, if you would like to be added to it then please CONTACT ME HERE
I seem to have picked up yet another cold, the third this winter.  Great fun...lose 3 stone and get 3 colds...not.

More Deli Gelli to come & Gelli fabric & stitch too, just not enough hours in between coughing and sneezing & a really annoying printer (shame on you Epsom for not recognising my ink grrr) Ive had to wheel out my really old trusty Hewlett Packard thats at least 10 years old, no stupid messages on that one.  Still whilst faffing about I found all sorts of lovely stuff that Id forgotten, including a giant Hungry Caterpillar quilt, that only needs its binding & will be a lovely floor quilt for a certain little man, who has decided that sleep is not in his world if he can help it!

Finally here is a bit of printing onto pre-printed Deli paper.  My husband thinks Ive gone mad with little pink parcels everywhere, but its all jolly good fun!



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