Monday, 24 November 2014

Our poppy

Our family poppy from the Tower of London arrived today. It is simply beautiful. Much bigger than I thought. The packaging is excellent. It is for my beloved grandson with the hope he never experiences the pain of war. That in his lifetime there will be peace. We will remember all who have been lost or injured keeping us safe. I am proud to be British. I am proud of those who gave everything so I can be free.

Friday, 21 November 2014


Some fabric patterns just lift my soul.
Look at what has just flown into my shop
Int he mist (yes mist) of Christmas fabrics, and a sea of red and green, these lovely calming fabrics are just the thing.  Julia's Notes by Newcastle Fabrics.
There is a one pound (UK) coin showing the size of the birds and flowers.  The pattern repeat would make a beautiful Stack & Whack, which perhaps I should be making instead of blogging.
Ive been so absent from here, when I had a fixed computer on my desk which was on all day, it was great to blog.  I spend more time on my tablet and phone, neither of which are easy to connect to blogger.
I forget to photograph what Im up to as well.  My life has changed so much this past year with the birth of my wonderful grandson, as we visit regularly, not leaving much time to be creative.  My new business venture, selling fabric, has a lot of downs and a few ups, but Im not giving up & a promise from a friend of some marketing help has cheered me up.  I wish I could gain some feedback on the website, fabric choices, prices, layout, if you feel like giving me a bit, I would really appreciate it.
My blog has changed too, from showing all my embroidery, machine embroidery, felt work, into my patchwork side.  I guess as things settle down after Christmas madness that it may return to normal.  Im long overdue a newsletter with a special offer, I hate to make promises and not keep them.
Someone mentioned that giveaways work well, what do you think.  No point if only 2 people enter is there.
I do have a facebook page or several really, studioapatchshe, patchworkfabricuk, shelaghfolgate,  I wish I knew how to amalgamate them but I dont lol.
The cardboard cat is eating a huge amount, seems she is putting on fat for the cold ahead, we still cant get her to come indoors & she has 3 different cat kennels all with quilts and furry baskets to choose from.  She must be around 7 or 8 now and I shall be really sad to lose her, a real one off character with such a sweet face & loving eyes.
Better sign off before my wrists give out, a laptop is not good for bad wrists.
Hope to be back soon x

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Arrived home to find a box with these in...

In the Beginning by Michele Hill, just released Called Arts & Crafts Collection.

I am ecstatic!  Ive been a William Morris Strawberry Thief fan since 1996 when I visited the Victoria & Albert museum (V & A) in London for the centenary exhibition of the great mans passing.  I actually stood in front of a Hammersmith weaving & cried (okay Im a wuss I dont care)  Now I have my sticky little mitts on WHOLE BOLTS of these fabrics.  I actually feel like unrolling them and wrapping them round me (oh dear!)  Could be because I feel out of the car this morning & tore my best trousers and damaged myself (how dramatic it was) until my husband after picking me up burst out laughing saying you were there and then you disappeared, highly hilarious.  Ive eaten 3 chocolates, 2 cakes & a penguin, I figure they are all good for shock, oh and two coffees so I am really bouncing now.  I want to cut my fabrics and start stitching
But Id better get them up on my website first.
They will be launched at a discount of £10 per metre.  Beautiful....lalalala

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hi, Im back, well Ive not been anywhere but Nana-ing & working & being ill, so just the usual.  Keeping off the puter as much as possible cause of the wrist problems, so boringly talked about on here.
I figured if all I was gonna do is moan then I would not post!

Im still trying to organise 3 bedrooms, moving furniture & the overwhelming stash built up for 50 years, Ive found all sorts of forgotten treasures .

Ive made this treasure too
WINTERS TALE - pre-cut kit, that is everything pre-cut for you.
Very limited edition as one of the beautiful clothworks fabrics has flown away already. I am hoping for more.... £21 plus £1 p&p UK mainland & NI.  additional postage for Europe & rest of world, to purchase please email me at
Yes at last I have manged to sort out my business email & get it to work.
Be very quick though!

Other items available now are Bunnies cushion & Bunnies panel
This is Bunnies cushion, available with pink or blue bunnies, includes everything, even the bondaweb, except wadding & lining.  £21 plus £1 UK mainland & NI p & P

This is Bunnies panel in blue option, also available in pink, includes everything but wadding, £21 plus £1 UK mainland & NI p & P

Both designed by Shelagh Folgate.  Email to order.

We have had a little boys first birthday with a giant bouncy castle care of Bouncy Wouncy, a huge Jenga & connect 4 & hilarious soft play toys including a Shanda, well two shandas being disgraceful. good job all the children were too young to query!

It has been a beautiful Autumn in England.  Such a joy the see the sunshine & beautiful colours of the trees. ezine is now out, I have an article & a Creative Guru slot.
I am so looking forward to the Knitting & stitching show at Alexander Palace next weekend, where I shall give my very good Pal, Dale Rollerson a huge 3 stone lighter bear hug (sorry Dale, but it must be done).  Then after a couple of hours I shall be sad knowing it will be another year until we meet again.
Yey for the internet, we would never have met if not for it.

On the creative stitchery front, much thinking and a bit of sketch book and alot of reading and pondering has taken place.  An innovative sample was attempted amist all the chaos, which does not promote creativity.

I shall try to get a good newsletter out in a few days, but for now Im off to bed.
Thanks for reading & please do like my facebook page studioapatchshe. x

Friday, 29 August 2014


This is the first summer that I have worked through.  August has seemed a very odd month.  Our weather collapsed here in England and Autumn arrived before the 2nd week of August, when it usually arrives during the last week. Much of my spare time has been pushing a certain little guy around in his buggy and walking holding one hand because he is nearly one year old! and is almost off on his own.
Health issues have laid me away from the computer & the shop.  Jobs I usually do in the evenings, but have not been able to.  I have many images and things to do so please bear with me whilst I sort stuff out, Im sure Ill be bouncing back to normality soon. x

Friday, 15 August 2014


Hurrah.  Ive fixed everything, the computer, the camera, the phone & Ive found the lead.
Then I remembered that Im on Goggle+ & I could upload directly from my phone camera. Duh!  One day I will be up to date with technology.

These are some of my photos.  I know there are loads, but there are loads that I dont remember even seeing!  So maybe you will enjoy these
Ive not put names or links, sorry but little stories might be interesting.  If I found the maker nearby I asked permission. These are my opinions!
This is the winning quilt & the winner.  Very elegant lady.  who spoke a little English.  SHe was showing everyone that the threads she used were all metallic.  She had a little torch & was shining it on the quilt.  I guess she finds metallic thread a challenge!  The quilting was was close and even.  The backgroundis  pieced and then quilted, I did wonder if it was a painted wholecloth but she said no its pieced.  I have seen alot of quilts over the years and many of African women.  Yes the quilt was beautifully made.  But the woman looked like they were floating.  Look at the group on the right hand side.  Okay being critical when I had not entered but this is the winner.  Sorry I didnt think it should have been.
Nice lady though, very excited. PICTORIAL QUILTS WINNER
Sorry on the side
Showing the applique, which was all turned edge not raw edge.  I guess thats why it won.  One of the crowd said she had won before.  But I didnt go FOQ last year, as I had my eye operation and had a pink sticky plaster over half my face and eye, not a good look, looked like a wonky cyclops!
I had decided not to take any pictures this year.  As Ive thousands, in the early days I would rush home with my book. All marked & get the photos printed out, then I write on the back of each one all the details, put them in albums and we used them for inspiration in my classes.  It is interesting to look back & see the changes over 30 odd years of quilt shows. Malvern is still my favourite show. ANy how I round the top corner of the contemporary category and was stunned by this beauty.  Huge crowd and a quilt angel.  The crowd were buzzing about, why this had not won anything.  The applique was stunning and so was the tiny tiny machine quilting, around the outside edge the binding was tiny half circles.
The quilt angel said that the maker was Canadian & had entered it in the wrong category, should have been in traditional.  Would any of us like to vote for it as visitors choice.  Again I dont usually do this.  I got most upset a few years back about the daft quilt that one with the fat ladies doing the Olympics.  I was incensed.  There is a huge post on my blog about it I think its 2011 FOQ.
Look at that edge.
Now since Ive been back & discussing the show with my students, Ive heard other stories, this is second hand and may not actually be correct.  But it seems that this quilt has been in other shows and a winner.  In which case the maker must have known what category to put it in!  It is still so lovely

So the phone was out and I sauntered along taking whatever I fancied, Ive no idea why some of them!
Nice foundation pieced rose
I dont know why, just looked jolly
I dont like wonky quilts or wallhangings, its the mathematic in me!
But I liked this and still do, a jolly garden
More gardens, nice busy arrangement
Somehow reminds me of my childhood with my beloved Dad.  The shadowy people say past times to me
Pretty cutwork pansys.  I love Pansys.  We have lots in our garden & winter ones too, lovely faces.
I remember why I took this.  I have a Bernina Spanish foot.  Or as Sally calls it the Ole foot (love that)  It does machine faggoting,  I have a City & Guilds piece that is cut up, but not faggoted.  In Affinity (the creative group I belong to) our theme from September is Transitions & I rather fancied revisting old pieces of my work & reworking in a transitioned way.  Good what others pieces say to you isnt it.


Isnt that wonderful.  Years ago I saw a piece by Tracey Emin.  It is a tiny bird on a brass pole.  I thought it was stunning.  This reminds me of that.  A bird used to be unlucky in textiles a few years back, but now they are everywhere & one is my logo
This quilt is balanced and beautiful.
The air conditioning was waffting this about.  Yes it was 3 layers, no they were not attached.  Yes it was pretty, no it was not stunning & why it had won beats me but here it is.
This was the traditional winner, too much white I think.  The motifs look 'plonked' I hate 'plonked'  I can hear my current & ex students giggling. :-)

I think Ill return with the others once Ive pondered them a bit more.

For those of you that do visit my website, Ive changed the postage rates
upto £15 is £2.  Upto £30 is £3 and over £30 is F R E E

That should make things very simple when comparing prices

I shall send out second class for these rates, although knowing me Ill probably forget and send first class!

Please have a look, there are many fabrics that can be used for much more than patchwork
Here is the link

Bag precut kits are selling well.  The feedback is that its lovely just to sit down and stitch and not have to find fabrics and then cut them out.

If you are local, my shop is open every Tuesday 10.30 to 3.30 at Cransley Village Hall, Northamptonshire, you are very welcome to come and browse, have a cup of tea or coffee & a biscuit & chat to the stitchers.
If you are coming any distance, please let me know  or

Notice the new email, ooh Ive had trouble with that.  I am very hopeful that between Fasthosts, Weebly and Google with little old me thrown in that its been sorted.

Its my sons engagements party tomorrow, I am so very very happy, congratulations to them both, super people. x

Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Another fantastic evening in Zurich. Gold for Mo Farah, Gold for Tiffany Porter & Gold for Dasoliu (sorry about spelling)
Congratulations to our British athletes on such stunning performances.

New in the shop today are FAIRY FROST fabrics by Michael Miller
 £10 per metre, very good prices.  Above is Twilight Light grey with Silver designs
 This one is Twinkle, white / cream with gold glitter
This is Holly Berry Red with gold metallic glitter

I didnt like the greens, blue green and lime green, not what I would call a true Christmas green

Now to design some lovely things, ooooh

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


WOW - astonishing - Jo Pavey at the age of 40 with an 11 month old child has won the 10 K in Zurich.  I am in complete awe.  Congratulations to an amazing woman, a role model for mothers & middle aged women everywhere.

Back to the Festival of Quilts - Ive not forgotten, by now there are pictures everywhere around the Internet & I cant get mine off my phone, sorry, will try again tomorrow.

In the meantime
Ive  at last posted my PRECUT bag & cushion kits to my website



All Limited Edition, exclusive to Studioapatchshe, all details on the website, size, prices etc & a buy button!

In addition just in some beautiful New fabric by Red Rooster, I love Red Rooster cloth.  Favourite things in beautiful blues, creams & brown
Here is the stripe, newsletter is due out soon with a way of using the stripe as a freebie.  At a very  special price of £7.75 per metre

Back to the Gelli Deli play time.  Ive sold out of Deli paper & Im not sure if I will restock.  Im cross with the post cost of a few sheets of yummy paper.  If I can solve this then I will sell it again
Gelli Deli supreme, yummy.  More to come..

Sunday, 10 August 2014


FESTIVAL OF QUILTS - I went, I saw, I took photos & my technology has deserted me.  I will send a report, I will, I promise when I can get my tablet, camera & phone to give me the **** photos that I took to post on here, grrrrr
And now there is an error trying to post this, that it Im off to eat & bed

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mega excitement

Yesterday was so exciting. It seems the very best news arrives on the veranda at cransley village hall!
My son proposed yo his long yime girl friend in a hot air balloon above Brugges in Belgium, having whisked her away at 3am in the morning for a secret romantic weekend. A stunningly beautiful rin, that fitted perfectly was produced and she said yes.
Yey for us, a wedding hopefully next year. Huge congrats to them both. He has such style, the weather was perfect, they were the only passengrrs and the pilot captured her moment of suprise.  Sometimes life is just wonderful isnt it.
I was at the hall teaching my Lally bag class
Hopefully the pictures will appear below, as im on my tablet. The black bag is a student bag from my precut kits.
The others are my samples which have been finished today. I was much too excited to remember to photograoh the lovely bags the girls made
Back to the commonwealth games and the badminton for the last day.
Loved the events, hated the rubbish bbc coverage chopping from red button to bbc1 to bbc2 to bbc3 and back again, appallingband I really want to punch the piper and kathetine merry! Sorry to offend but she was a dreadful commentator and the bagpipes went on for too long. Outfits were ace and Glasgow put on a great games. Bbc get your act together or let sky do it in future grr
Well done to all the competitors except the cheats, if it was up to me a drug ban would be for life. My dh is an athlete,  he has to be careful even as a master. They have no exvuses as the great Michael Johnson says, each perdon is solely responsible for what they put in their bodies and mouths, hear hear.
Off the soap box now, need to go marinate my lamb!
Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Strawberries, cherries & an angels kiss in spring.........................

Got to be a title for a piece of work, cant get it out of my head
How about this for starters?
This is better, now to do more experimenting

Lalala  summer wine....

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Well what a few days with the weather, stunning lightening & horrid thunder.  Hardly any sleep, gosh I hate it so much.  Resorted to watching Sleepless in Seattle & Youve got mail cause Im not allowed to sit in it even with my factor 50 hat on.
Ive got to have another op on my eye, seems its too tight, huh, I knew that, Ive a mini face lift on my right eye and the left is still baggy.  How do people do cosmetic surgery is beyond my comprehension.
Ive been busy stitching, Perpetual calendars for November & December, figure would keep me cool, heehee, now swollen ankles from standing nearly all day.
Got very upset at the accident at the German F1 grand prix & for all the relatives and friends of the aeroplane.
Here is a bag I have just made
Called Sienna.  It is a PRE-CUT kit, that means that everything is cut to size, just ready to sew.  They are limited edition.  Ive not put them on the website as they are going very fast.  If you would like one then please email me

My new range of Guttermann fabric called Veros world arrived, 58 inches wide.  So I am only selling it in half metres at £7 per half metre, thats the equivalent of 3 fat quarters.  Its selling at £18 / £19 per metre on other sites & mine is £14 so a huge bargain.  Here is a zippered bag called MEADOW again it is totally pre-cut with instructions of how to make it.  Pre-cut bags cannot be made in alternative fabrics as they are copyrighted to studioapatchshe.  They do not come with a pattern, they come with all the fabric pre-cut & instructions without measurements.  These have been designed & made by myself.
These are the lovely Veros world fabrics that Meadow is made from.
Im into teaching zips at the moment.  But sliding on the zip pulls onto continuous zip is soooo boring.
Again if you would like a bag kit please do get in touch.

We have also been away alot at our daughters on nana duty, with a little man who is crawling about, standing and walking around the furniture, he is not 10 months yet.  Such a lovely little lad, very happy and bright, but not a sleepy child!
He is keeping me on my toes and the weight off.  Ive still lost 3 stone and all last summers clothes are falling off me.  Ive had trips to Oxfam & to M & S to replace everything & I mean everything, only downside is the huge bingo wings & withered boobs, but I love wearing uplift bras, gosh stuff has changed so much since I became fat!  I even treat myself now to giant chocolate buttons & the dreaded D, without the pills seems to be okay.  Except this morning where I was parading around in a new pair of cargo trousers size 16 (bit tight round the tummy roll), having just pricked my finger, I ended up with what looked like a gallon of blood (yep exaggeration) all over my cream trousers.  Took ten minutes of saliva to get it all off, by then I was so hot that I had to sit by the fan.  WHen they dried I lasted an hour before they had to be removed.  Still I could get them on & do the button up! Result.
Enough of the waffle.  Time to try & sleep, before teaching feather & whip stitch tomorrow, Ive some great ideas, well I think they are great, dont know what my masterclass will think
Thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I cant believe that its nearly a month since I posted.  It seems that Facebook has taken over from blogs.  Mywe bsite posts directly to Facebook, I widh I could get it to post here as well.
Ive been busy Nanaring again.  Its so wonderful being a Nana, I never ever thought I would be this smitten.
Ive had no time to make art or textiles, except for a prototype of a zippered bag, that needs defining.
Today Ive had a large shipment of fabric arrive.
Just released is Veros world, by Gutermann fabrics called Country Chic Cottage

These are small patterns, suitable for any project.
I am selling a metre for £11.75, which may be the cheapest on the web for just released fabric.  They are extra wide too at 54 inches so it really good value.

Now Ive to design some pre-cut items.  Ive such a long list.

Oh by the way, ezine 5 has just been released with my links & connections workshop in.  It has a challenge and also Ive done a guru.
A fabulous magazine with lots of articles & workshops.
Thanks for reading x



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