Monday, 24 August 2015

24 May to 24 August 2015

Goodness thats 3 months without a blog post.  I guess by now there is no one there at all to blog to.  It has been a ver bsuy time for me.  Selling fabric has taken over my life.  Orders, cutting, parcelling, posting, I never realised how much work it would be.
But the highlight has been my sons long awaited wedding.  What an outstanding day we had, my hystronics with an outfit were mega.  Having lost such a lot of weight, for some inexplicable reason I have started to whack it on again, out of control, a whole stone in 6 weeks, meant it was very hard to find a dress in my size, again, thank goodness I didnt buy my dress in March, size 16, June became size 20.
Here we all are, my fantastic son, my beautiful daughter in law and my handsome husband, you can just see the bridesmaid dress colour and here I am reading a poem &  managing to snivel at the
 same time.
The male party travelled to the venue by barge, I was not aboard, oh I wish I had been, it looked such fun
The cake with the base fruit cake made by the brides mother laced with much booze it was fab.  Sponge and red velvet were the other two layers.  It all went!

The honeymoon was in a sea hut in the Maldives, as you do...well maybe you but not me!  Looked idyllic.

Hopefully I will ge4t back to blogging now and sort out a newsletter too.
Watching the World athletic championships at the moment.

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