Friday, 21 November 2014


Some fabric patterns just lift my soul.
Look at what has just flown into my shop
Int he mist (yes mist) of Christmas fabrics, and a sea of red and green, these lovely calming fabrics are just the thing.  Julia's Notes by Newcastle Fabrics.
There is a one pound (UK) coin showing the size of the birds and flowers.  The pattern repeat would make a beautiful Stack & Whack, which perhaps I should be making instead of blogging.
Ive been so absent from here, when I had a fixed computer on my desk which was on all day, it was great to blog.  I spend more time on my tablet and phone, neither of which are easy to connect to blogger.
I forget to photograph what Im up to as well.  My life has changed so much this past year with the birth of my wonderful grandson, as we visit regularly, not leaving much time to be creative.  My new business venture, selling fabric, has a lot of downs and a few ups, but Im not giving up & a promise from a friend of some marketing help has cheered me up.  I wish I could gain some feedback on the website, fabric choices, prices, layout, if you feel like giving me a bit, I would really appreciate it.
My blog has changed too, from showing all my embroidery, machine embroidery, felt work, into my patchwork side.  I guess as things settle down after Christmas madness that it may return to normal.  Im long overdue a newsletter with a special offer, I hate to make promises and not keep them.
Someone mentioned that giveaways work well, what do you think.  No point if only 2 people enter is there.
I do have a facebook page or several really, studioapatchshe, patchworkfabricuk, shelaghfolgate,  I wish I knew how to amalgamate them but I dont lol.
The cardboard cat is eating a huge amount, seems she is putting on fat for the cold ahead, we still cant get her to come indoors & she has 3 different cat kennels all with quilts and furry baskets to choose from.  She must be around 7 or 8 now and I shall be really sad to lose her, a real one off character with such a sweet face & loving eyes.
Better sign off before my wrists give out, a laptop is not good for bad wrists.
Hope to be back soon x

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