Monday, 3 March 2014


Hi, from an early Spring here in England, some beautiful days, hardly any wind, scudding clouds and beautiful clear air and enchanting blue skies.  If this damn cold would go away I would feel quite chipper!

First news is that I know have a dedicated web address for my fabric store / shop

I love the name and it does say what it does on the tin lol!

Im working away at it, as I have to convert every single little piece, serves me right for not reading all the small print.  Still I will have a lovely cart with pictures and I will be able to offer discounts and codes and flash sales, in the meantime the 'old' website format is still working, both on and on
It will take me a few weeks to re-do everything, but do pop by and she how Im getting along, Im trying to put explanations, well more words anyway attached to each of the fabrics.  All such a lot of learning Im now trying to come to grips with whatever SSL is......  Still keep any boredom away.
I had a lovely day today with my mentored class, who were all doing such diverse things, it was so lovely to see such activity.

The next news is that the CREATIVE DELI PACKS are ready, whooo hoo, at last.  I had a great long list of people waiting that I had to order in more supplies, hence the delay, everyone is treated equally here (hopefully)
If you click on these words it will take you to a link on the studioapatchshe website
According to analytics's writing click here and such is a no no, hummmm.
The picture shows some of the items the pack contains, the extras will vary.

The packs have a few surprises in them as well as the advertised items.
I am aiming to do other creative packs eventually.

This weekend is the Duxford quilt fair.  This is the one place that I would love to have a stand, so Im going to have a look.

Its WOrld tennis day today which seems a trifle contrite given the European problems with Russia etc.  I do feel that Putin has waited until the Olympics had finished to wield the big stick again, oh dear what a worry.  Lets look on the bright side and hope that a solution can be found really quickly for all our sakes.

I caught sight of the Oscars today, such a co-incidence that they co-incided with the trial of Oscar Pistorius.  Of which I have no comment until the facts have been told, except we are all now denied seeing him run again, no matter what the outcome is.
Back to the silly Oscars, I thought the speak by Steve Mcqueen was excellent.  SOme of the dresses were fantastic

Lupita Nyong'o so beautiful

And I just love this dress on Cate Blanchett so much, that Ive added a bit of lace to the Creative packs in its honour.

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