Thursday, 6 March 2014


Or not, a whole evening of 3 hours wasted.  Yep totally wasted, Ive been in contact with 3 reps from my website host company trying to sort out this

Ive another web domain name.

I thought that this would be a better name as it says what I am selling.  Im keeping  Simples....oh no its not

Picture this, 7 months of hard graft nearly every evening adding data, coping buttons, blah blah (please dont nod off!)  Then I think hey ho Ill upgrade the new name to an ecommerce with a lovely cart that has pictures, the option to give you lovely folks a loyalty code and the quick option to do flash sales.  Yippee Shelagh, pay your dosh, copy the site over and then...nothing, huh...nothing
So  contact and ask whats up and how about this.  It cant be done, yep nothing in the Weebly blurb that says it cant be done, apparently all my stuff is in html code and not a csv file (yep Im glazing over too)  Ive options,
1.  Do everything again (I dont have a spare 7 months)
2.  Write a csv file, the sample file talks about grommets and widets.  Im so cross that I asked what on earth are those, to be told they are example products, whats up with trousers and shoes eh? everyone knows they are products grrr
3.  Get a refund
4.  GO back to the original site format
5.  GIve up and go and hide under the stairs

Decision.  Get money back, get 3 months free, leave the site as it is & the new one.  Go to Duxford quilt fair tomorrow and chill out with my mates.

I give up.  The world of website building has beaten this dinosaur.  Ill stick to stitching, which I did today with a lovely group of people making the Cheltenham Spire bag and very beautiful they were and I forgot to take any pictures, sorry
Im not uploading anything tonight, Ive had enough.  Ill report on Duxford tomorrow.  Gosh I need chocolate.
Sorry to off load x

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  1. How frustrating Shelagh, I hope you will find a way to sort it out. x


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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