Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I am having huge fun putting together my Creative Deli pack.  I have decided to order other bits and bobs for it, so it should be ready early next week.
I have a lovely waiting list, if you would like to be added to it then please CONTACT ME HERE
I seem to have picked up yet another cold, the third this winter.  Great fun...lose 3 stone and get 3 colds...not.

More Deli Gelli to come & Gelli fabric & stitch too, just not enough hours in between coughing and sneezing & a really annoying printer (shame on you Epsom for not recognising my ink grrr) Ive had to wheel out my really old trusty Hewlett Packard thats at least 10 years old, no stupid messages on that one.  Still whilst faffing about I found all sorts of lovely stuff that Id forgotten, including a giant Hungry Caterpillar quilt, that only needs its binding & will be a lovely floor quilt for a certain little man, who has decided that sleep is not in his world if he can help it!

Finally here is a bit of printing onto pre-printed Deli paper.  My husband thinks Ive gone mad with little pink parcels everywhere, but its all jolly good fun!

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