Saturday, 1 February 2014

SLEEP .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What a nuisance sleep is, dont you think?
Well last night I didnt bother, I walked around and around the house for hours.  Hey its great fun, freezing cold, coughing and sneezing .. oh and cuddling a darling little boy.  ROund and round, flash back to over 30 years ago.  I walked all along the French Riviera.  Cannes was nice, but Nice was much lovelier.  Two weeks in and little boy and myself are still full of cold, one saving grace is that we must be so alike and he does love his nana!
Im so tired today that Ive treated myself to giant chocolate buttons, boing boing I shall be all evening.
Ive some lovely new fabrics in the shop HERE 
by Newcastle fabrics, designed by Anna Barnes.  Civil War Miniatures II.
Lovely tiny prints in navy, gold and creme
Also a very nice miniature quilt pattern for FREE link is here

The felt, foil & Deli paper are proving popular, so Ive popped a link on the website under SPECIALS   HERE for felt & foil & HERE for Deli paper
I can supply larger pieces of felt & foil, just drop me a CONTACT which you can find HERE

Wow that is a lot of links....zzzzzzzzzzz...sorry x

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