Monday, 27 January 2014


Whilst Ive been off work, being ill this last week Ive had no physical energy, Ive been trying to organise my thoughts.
The directions I would like to go in and what to leave behind!
Ive now left 20 kg of fat behind, which seems rather astonishing & Ive only just started to come to terms with the fact that I look almost normal.  Ive done a lot of looking in the mirror!  Amazed at a different (saggy) body looking back.  A huge pile of clothes that are monstrous is growing & will soon be on its way to the Fire fighters charity.  I NEVER ever thought I would ever see my feet again in the shower, I Never thought that Id wear my wedding ring again without it swelling up my finger & I never thought that Id be able to come off my diabetic pills!
If you have ever had a weight problem you will know the dream where you go to bed wishing you woke up a few stones lighter.  This week Ive been the dream revealed.  Im not bragging or indeed admonishing, losing weight is damn hard, it has been for the whole of my life - fat thinner fatter bit less thinner and so on.  Im still a stone away from the normal categories on the blasted BMI .
Of course with the realisation that I can go to any shop now (nearly) and buy clothes comes the nagging doubt, is there anything sinister lurking?  20 KG in 20 weeks seems a tad too easy & life is just never easy is it?

Sometimes not worth organising thoughts is it?

As promised seems like weeks ago, Ive written up a new workshop.
This is a very special deal for my blogging followers and you will need the code
To get the deal, add it in the box
This is the link to my website

The workshop is called
Across the World
This came about by a few coincidences.  It was Embroiderers Guild night & the workshop was on memories.  I came home from work to a parcel of goodies from my lovely friend Dale, then some new fabrics were delivered.
A quick dash round the house gathering stuff & I put together a piece that evening
The following day I took it apart & put together Across the World
WHich is now available to you for the half price sum of £3, yep just £3
Why £3 = 3 stone, see there is a tenuous link in this post lol
8 page PDF file in English, downloadable & printable, delivered via email.

Also available is the unusual Heat zapable slightly sticky felt & transfer foil
I love this felt, bought from liniecat, see link on blog side.
It is very unusual in that one side is kind of sticky and the transfer foil, the kind that the packaging industry uses, sticks to it without any bonding agent

This is a piece from my Armada series, using the Navy Blue felt
This is a taster for the thread studio ezine, threads-in-fusion, coming soon, using the same felt
Navy blue is the new black dont you know!!!
Off to sniffle some more, see you soon x

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