Sunday, 2 February 2014


If you watch the apprentice, Alan Sugar says see what sells then stick with that
Ive a shop full of lovely fabric, just right for over stamping, dyeing and printing and making superb patchwork & quilting projects.Then what is selling like hot cakes......Deli paper.  Ive sold out.  More is on order.  Im taking a waiting list.
Its £2.50 plus p & p each 50 sheets, so more sheets than 50 is more p & p.
Im all astonishment Mr Darcy!
This is my lovely new range.
This is Tweet together superb for creative work
As is this, why use plain boring fabric like white cotton or calico, okay I know that its cheaper but a base of this is much more interesting
Then how about Riley Blake Saspirella for text, gesso over this and then add creative work.
You see patchwork type fabrics are not just for piecing, patching, applique & quilting
This one even has stitch marks already on it and a super creamy greeny limey base fabric, just right for....Deli paper lol

All these can be found on my website
Check out the specials page for a really interesting felt....

Im still ill over two weeks now and Im totally fed up with it, its only a head and chest cold but zaps my strength, Ive been trying to organise the shop but its such hard going.
Lots of kits to make up this evening for this
Which actually looks a lot more finished now!  Smashing fabric in the background, from the shop too
Back to work..counting out Deli sheets lol x

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  1. Can you add me to the waiting list for deli paper please!!


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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