Thursday, 6 February 2014


Quick before it flys away again

Deli paper back in stock HERE

So what can you do with it???

Stamp - use stazon ink
Print - acrylic, liquid acrylic

Journal - text - many different non water based pens

Gelli plate or mono print - these are the same processes


Make your own WASHI tape - oh yes cheap washi tape

Stitch by hand or machine

It tears, it scrunches, it pleats

If you have been watching the Interior design challenge on BBC2, in the semi finals there was a fabulous folded wallpaper, I thought ah ha could do this with deli paper (not on the wall lol) in a journal

It is re positionable even when wet cause it is very strong

When I recvoer from this nasty bug then I will post a Gelli-deli tutorial.

Get a wadge of deli and get together with friends and have a gelli fest!

Back to the coughing x :-(

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