Friday, 7 February 2014


This made me laugh, a nice interlude in between coughing bouts, outside in the street, I watched her for quite some time, my neighbour went out with something in her hands buts he ran away, okay I know its just a chicken but it was funny

Ive uploaded a picture of a new workshop class at Cransley Village Hall
The Cheltenham Spire Bag on 6th March 2014, a Thursday, the link is HERE

Whilst doing this I found some images that I dont think Ive posted
Guess How much I love you- pram quilt for my terrific grandson.  Quilted like a busy bee buzzing around

Im watching the winter Olympic opening ceremony.  We got SO fed up with the commentary from Hazel Irvine that we turned it to no commentary hooray soooo much better.
I think that the picture in the newspaper will be the 5th ring not opening, some kind of justice for human rights I think.
This is the back, space invaders and robots strippy quilt

I waiting for the lighting of the flame.....

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