Monday, 18 November 2013


Hi, waiting for the chilly weather to arrive.  Ive been busy creating a SEWING COMPENDIUM
Well thats interesting Im trying to upload pictures and blogger wont play.
I will try again later.
Pictures and details are HERE

Try again Shelagh - nope no luck just a blinking red square - well thats a new one on me.

Ive been to the hospital today for my eye appointment.  The original consultant told me to do one thing and now this one has told me to do another and given me eye ointment that wont blur my vision if I use it in the morning.  Hooray.  Seems it will be another at least 6 months before the horrid disfigurement will be better.  Good job that I dont want to wear contact lenses.  Still Im cancer free so that is fantastic, who cares about a weird looking eye in the scheme of things.
Im still losing weight, 2 1/2 stone or around 15 kilos now.  Ive bought new trousers, not tried them on yet, heres hoping, a size 18 whoo hoo, well my 20's are too big and need a belt so, maybe just maybe.
I am trying to promote my facebook page.  I would be very grateful if you would head over and like me HERE

Try the pictures again
Nope I give up, hope you have a lovely evening /day

Oh by the way I do ship overseas now.  If you are in Australia I can send upto 2.5 metres of fabric for £7.50 p & p.  The same amount would be £1.75 p & p on mainland UK, so not bad for half a world away!

I am still creating, creative workshops, which will be uploaded as soon as I can get the website all ship shape.  Golly I know why employing a webmaster
costs a lot of money.  Its such hard work, but so much fun.

I got my camera lead to work, but the images that I shot seem to have disappeared, so the new studio specials will have to wait until weds.

My Grandson is so much better this last couple of days.  I feel blessed, thanks for your good wishes.  He is so lovely but I am forbidden to post pictures on here :-(  He is smiling and cooing now and enjoying playing with his toys.  My daughter has bought a Mobywrap and he loves being carried around.  I wish I had had one of those with my children

One more picture try yey it worked.  This is my Sewing Compendium.  This is a PRE-CUT kit with all fabrics included except for wadding.  Even the backing & binding is included & its all cut to size, making it quick and easy to sew
Do check out all the details HERE

Okay just managed the one photo, off now to sort out tomorrows work


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