Thursday, 21 November 2013

IDEAS - where do they come from?

Woke up this morning with a new idea buzzing around my head.  Dash off to get a blood test, change the trousers, mentioned before, dash home as the sun was shining decided to go for a walk.
No breakfast, blood test, banana & 6.7 level, bacon egg, tomato, mushroom, yummy.  Then off for a walk for 45 minutes to viist Church which horrors was closed, closed its never closed, puzzled about that, decided to take levels again when I got back...4.3!!!!!!
I know that I have blogged before about diabetic levels and the value of exercise, but wow.  I am totally astonished.  I do hope that my story of quite amazing weight loss helps someone out there in blogger land.

Back to the idea.  Spent the rest of the day busy designing, stitching, redefining and glitzing.  Cooked dinner for husband and son in a huge hurry between jobs and lost the daylight to hand stitch, roll on February when the light re-appears, how do the Northern lands cope with such lack of sunlight

I took my walk my old route, and remembered the last time I did that I was 2 1/2 stone or 15 kilos heavier.  In celebration I joined the beasts for a trot across the fields!

Im now watching question time, but Ive no idea what they are talking about just blah blah in the background

Sorry I cant seem to post images again, blogger is a twit

Off to bed, night x

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