Friday, 15 November 2013

This & That

A very busy working week, started with an interesting masterclass using the surface decorated pieces constructed in the previous workshop.  The range of pieces made was very heartening for a bit under par tutor.  Thanks girls.

Tuesday was technique tuesday and Machine trapunto.  A  particular favourite of mine, only two takers with the others doing different projects.
Elephants & roses, sounds like a name of an internet shop.
I nearly called mine hollyhocks and corgis, Ive no idea why, but I think studioapatchshe is much better! (Well I would a..patch...she) coined 25 years ago when I used to do craft fayres, seems another life away now.
Im typing this waiting for a delivery, of some Christmas fabric   Check out the shop

Back to the week, the evenings have been spent cutting fabric and updating the website.  Far more work than I anticipated.  I know why now that people go into partnership.  Its rather a lot of work.  Today I was up very early to find an order from Australia, my first International order.  A small packet to OZ costs £7.50 postage.  Not bad for half a world away when the same package costs £1.75 to post over here.

Wednesday was teaching in the morning and evening and a visit from a rep in the afternoon.  Oh so tempting, but I think I will stick with my current suppliers, for now, such a good service and really nice people EQS.  I love their fabrics, seems like I am a P & B textiles & Red Rooster fan, which is funny cause I thought I would be a Robert Kaufman & Riley Blake woman lol!

Thursday was a lovely sunny day in the village hall, which is now decorated with multicoloured chains, looks very festive

Guess who forgot the foot pedal and lead for her machine......ME!
The phrase dont do as I do .....comes to mind

Today I have been quilting two floor quilts for my lovely grandson.  He is 2 months old now & is recovering well.  Next week is inoculations, gulp.  Im glad I wont be there.

Tomorrow is teaching at Wing, In the forest tree skirt.

Monday is hospital visit to check on the lack of progress with my operation

Gosh this must be so boring, Ive problems with my camera lead at the moment and need a new one to show more photos.

Hope you have a lovely weekend x

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