Saturday, 26 October 2013


How quickly time flies.  I cant believe that my fabulous time with my family has gone.  After the delayed train on the way down & the silly Oyster card, I chuffed past a station to see a huge billboard promoting line closures for today.  Grrrrr.  I didnt fancy setting off many hours before my mainline train, but all was solved by my daughters lovely friend visiting early this morning & running me back to a pre-arranged point in a garage where I was picked up by my oddly bearded husband, a few days away & a hairy bloker arrived!
The motorways were heaving with traffic, I guess its half term here and the BIG storm is forcast, maybe all the world decided to go out, choccabloc 4 lanes on M1 & speed restrictions, hey its saturday lunch time not rush hour.
Ive tried to sleep but feel really quite sad and a touch tearful, I really didnt want to leave not only the family but where they live right in the middle of a village with a fabulous bakery & an even more fabulous coffee bar, where lunch was bought each day, I felt quite decadent.  So this morning I cooked a huge roast dinner with a very expensive piece of beef from the posh butchers.
I took little one for a walk in his baby Bjorn carrier, one woman asked me if it was my first, I burst out laughing, silly woman do I really look that young hahaha
Now IM back to work, but am having the evening off, probably due to tiredness lol

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