Thursday, 24 October 2013


Hi, I am on a little break.  Lots of cuddles and an amazing amount of emotion. Its unbelievable how the emotions from having my own children as babies have flooded back. This morning a whole hour of holding my grandson in my arms whilst he slept just looking, like being pulled into whirlwind of emotion. One of the best moments of my life.
Yesterday I travelled by train, okay not such a big deal, but everytime I do something happens. 26 minute delay due to signal failure just outside of bedford. Hohoho Reggie Perrin has been upto his tricks again
Then oyster decided not to work and a real londoner helpfully told me to walk right back the length of st pancras international station to where a non helpful phelb had sent me from. I give up trying to activate the stupid thing
And why is it called oyster
Still you meet lovely people in life. A really lovely young man built the size of a house with the most lovely skin was jolly and pleasant as we travelled side by side through the stunning hertfordshire countryside.  A lovely woman and her enchanting daughter were on their way to buy tap shoes. We all moaned about having to be boring black. Not much changes does it, I remember the same conversation with my dear mum when my daughter was dancing. I think they should be purple sparkly and my tube buddy agreed lol
No images today, too difficult on the tablet. Tbe electricians are in, cause family have to visit the hospital.  This mornings task is the launderette,  the weather is glorious so off nanaing I will go
Ive lots of new fabrics to soet out when I get home, workshops to write and update and my gelliplate gift from dale to play with, but a little boy takes preference over everything even sleep
 Thanks for reading, whatever you are foing hope your day is as good x

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  1. I quite enjoy train journeying, if you have a seat that is!
    And I adore that tag - Nana Land !!
    Brilliant, must usee that myself when Jack visits me, hes in nana land from here on in - thanks hun!
    I know what you mean, holding baby and just looking - its worth more than gold isnt it.
    Though yes, abit of gold wudnt go amiss but its so short a time we get those huggy opportunities whilst they are small. Enjoy !


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