Monday, 28 October 2013


Good morning, from an increasingly windy England.  My husband is busy outside moving all our pots of plants in the hopes of them not taking off in the anticipated 80 MPH winds forecast.

I seem to have managed to pick up my grandsons cold.  I now understand why 60 year old women dont have babies!  Im so tired (whinge, sympathy)

I have managed to learn a little bit more about how paypal works and have added GIFT CERTIFICATES or in British speak, VOUCHERS, to the website

They start at a value of £5 gbp & there are many choices of amounts.  They are redeemable on ANYTHING on the website.  They have NO time limit & multiple vouchers can be redeemed on a single item.
I do hope that you will consider them for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or as a Thank you, as they can be printed out & handed to the lucky recipient or we can email them directly to them

Most of the Autumn leaves are vanishing off the trees and I guess tomorrow they will be bare.  The colours have been wonderful this year, such a lovely summer

I have piles of new fabrics to cut & make into studio specials, but I think I would be a danger with a rotary cutter today!

Well that was so silly, I forgot to post this post yesterday

The storm didnt reach us in Northamptonshire, it was just a bit windy and some rain then a lovely day.
I had a really nice day with my friends in Affinity.  Ive spent a long hour sorting out a senior railcard with Tesco vouchers & a printer that would not work until I realised my laptop was still connected to my hot spot! Ooh err!!  Great for 15 quid of Tesco clubcard vouchers can get a senior railcard & its on its way, saving a third off railfares for a year, terrific as Im off to Nanaland again this week.

There are some new studio stacks on the website HERE
Some of the stacks are no more.
There is also a new Christmas bundle HERE

Just a few more days for the newsletter special offer.  Get in quick before midnight Halloween.

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