Thursday, 26 September 2013


Hi, a week of tooth ache, okay the story....

As you know I became a Nana last week, in-between all the excitement of this most wonderful event, whilst staying at a Travelodge, yep the ones with the bouncy beds that dip in the middle.  My teeth started up AGAIN.  I am awaiting a visit to a consultant (in November) to have a broken tooth removed.  A totally sleepless night without a duvet in said boingy bed was followed by a surreal day.  I had no painkillers with me, well that's a lie one measly 200 mg ibruprofen, did nothing at all.  On the way back from the hospital the night before I spied Freeport designer shopping village, hohoho thought I (toothache less at this time) baby clothes & me clothes & .... so we set off to await the hospital decision as to if my family would be discharged or not.

I thought go to a chemist get lots of drugs and be okay. HA.  Found the village, parked outside a B & Q (designer village???) went into B & Q looking for trunking as you do, me with raging toothache but hey husband didnt have it and trunking is just SO important when your wife has toothache.  After finding no trunking we were told that the shopping village was a short walk away.  hey ho pound pound pound, nearly get knocked down cause it seems that Essex people drive very fast and dont look or a woman with a raging head and toothache doesnt look, anyway Im still here.  Shopping village, well substitute this pretentious rubbish nightclub.  Loud, blaring club musik all through the 'street' more even louder musik in each shop, NO drugs.  Even M & S had clothes especially made for outlet shop, what a swizz.

So back to the car we trudged, me in tears, cause I wanted really to hit a few people (worse than that) but as bad words are stored on the government watch the Internet (hmmm so I believe that) anyhow had to go back to car before I was evil and ended up on the news.  This is what toothache does to me.  By this time its past lunch and Ive not eaten so am having a hypo as well.  Husbands answer buy a greasy beefburger from a stand and ooh and ahh about how nice it is and I had to have a small bit or else faint.  So I sat for an hour in a car in a B & Q car park with the stink of burger and a plastic cup of hot tea on my face

We were waiting for the hospital to decide what to do with my daughter
I then decided to ring the hospital to be told yep coming home, stupid decision, stupid hospital, stupid NHS, we were furious, I then rang my dentist, as Im on almost constant antibiotics, come doomsday I stand no chance.  Please I begged could someone kind person post them through my door / courier them to me, please.  Very nice receptionist (thats unusal) told me as I was on Denplan I could go to a dentist near where I was, result, antis hooray, so off we set into Epping forest to await the phone call, promised within two hours, its 2pm by now

Drive to Epping trying to not be evil to husband
Find a Tesco, oh I loved that Tesco, barge through people to get water and DRUGS, shove them down my throat in front of quite startled shoppers, but I dont care, hooray drugs and antis, I am on a hypo high now.
Sun is out off we set walking through Epping, then get the phone call for a dentist, waiting for me, in Loughton, where?

AH ha I have a tablet dont I, one with GPS on, ah ha they send me the post code via text (technology is wonderful) and off we set, beautiful day, beautiful forest, press start on tablet as going round a roundabout and nearly crash into roundabout as a really  loud womans voice shouted at us.  My goodness its a satnav, only had tablet since June, I didnt know.  My husband is seething by now, but trying to be nice through clenched teeth.
Get to the beautiful village of Loughton follow directions, yey you guessed it, cant find it, so husband tells me to get out of car and he disappears, I have no tablet, no phone, toothache still and Im in the middle of a road
So I wander about a bit and see a lovely little cottage style house that says dentist on it and I dive into it & hope that my husband finds me (which of course he did, blowing steam out of his ears)
Walk into dentist, lovely receptionist. Then I spy this.   Look at it on the floor in a random dentist.

Forget the blasted toothache.  A very nice man in a blue uniform starts talking to me, by now Im on the floor pawing at it, woken out of my stupor by my husband telling me the dentist is waiting and I follow this jovial man up rickety stairs into a space ship.  Talk about high tech, knocks spots and stripes off my dentist.  Im relaying my tale of woe about the broken tooth blah blah and he is tapping the work surface.  Im thinking blimey hes a bit odd, so I ask him what is he doing and he has a keyboard projected onto the work surface, yep a keyboard, says its more hygenic.  I am liking this man big time.

AT the end of my story (long like this one) he says why didnt your dentist pull it out, is he is a young dentist...correct.  He says how stupid, I agree, he says do you want it pulled out, I agree.  Husband or rather, the man, his words, is sent for and the process begins and ends almost as quick.  Bear in mind I am waiting until November just for a consultation

Now I know the gum is ripped right down and maybe the operation, which is what I would have to have under general again would probably stitch it up, but its out and I am quite simply euphoric.  A new grandchild and a removed tooth, wow and double wow.
So we leave, we drive, we park, we wait, we scarper to the pub, where I am left at the bar, with cotton wool in my mouth sounding drunk, asking for tea with a straw and soup with a straw
Then we eat and we wait and we go visit my family, which is another story and a private one
Drive home, just avoid getting stuck on the M11 in traffic closures.  Get home and spend the rest of the week, high on tablets
So this morning feeling dizzy (cant eat much) too many tablets, I manage to fall over the step between my house and next door, only lived here 35 years!  whilst delivering their mail that the very nice (not) postie shoved through ours. They have a gravel drive and a lovely posh gold car parked and I trip and cant get my footing on the gravel and fall into the door of their car and bash up wrists, knees and jar back, 3 minutes before work
Lovely students were very kind all day, lovely day, making folded quick Cathedral window with Layer cake & charm squares, I forgot to photograph, sorry.  This was F.A.B. Thursday.  The new fortnightly club.

So thats the story.  Still got toothache, been to visit, my darling grandson, for a magic day, one of the best of my life & Im now aching all over. Ups and downs is life, certainly my life, weird
Thanks for reading.  Promise to not drivel next time x
(Random pictures from my working week) :-)

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