Friday, 5 July 2013


THose of you who have been with me for a while (thank you) Will remember the time of the toothache
I was so enjoying being 60 until  9 pm last night when the dreaded returned, lots of tablets lots of sensitive toothpaste later I eventually fell asleep, weird night slightly surreal
Memo to self Dont take too many tablets again
So  afted work where I kept busy busy and tried to pretend my head was  not exploding I went to the dentist
I have a new dentist who looks about 12 but is very nice ......hum....are dentists nice.....well one filling and antibiotics and a bit of hum and ahh and not too sure I was glad that my dh was waiting for me to lend a strong arm
So like two old fogies we sat outside the library, till more pills and shaky legs were sorted then it was off to the EE shop for a new phone and a dongle for the tab
Hoho im a semi silver surfer, such fun !!
Grezt guys we were there hours
So im watching murray ever hopeful

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