Tuesday, 16 July 2013


On Saturday I taught KALEIDESCOPE at WING quilters
A lovely group that I teach at once a month
This month was Ricky Tims Kaleidescope, the pattern is mine.  Using a JELLY ROLL or strips 2.5 inches wide
The two photographs below are of two pieces completed in the day, so well done to Rose & Rachael
Lots of beautiful work was still in progress and I am hopeful of seeing completed pieces next month
There is a challenge ladies!
Thank you for a lovely (hot) day

After a couple of hours recovery (laying down on the sofa watching a program about an Australian man who had dieted with fruit and veg shakes only, fascinating)
We visited our friends for a terrific evening out, much laughter ensued and a really late night
Sunday was roasting hot again and I worked in the morning preparing for the week ahead and then flopped out in the afternoon.  Bi planes, micro-light, visiting relatives and screaming from mad mower morris, all drove me indoors, where I TRIED to upload photos from my tablet and new phone to no avail.  But Ive done it now  hooray
Monday saw me back at WING for their Monday group, 19 ladies met on a very hot day to stitch
STACK & WHACK (trademark Bethany Reynolds)
The templates and size were designed by myself, as Bethanys were an old size
So their was a choice from 6 inch, 9 inch & 12 inch blocks
I have not written all the names, I introduced many of them to DIRTY CUTTING, their were some slightly worried faces when I gaily tore up their fabrics with much aplomb
But as you can see from the images below stunning stunning work
The first image shows the same fabric, yes it is the same fabric, there was such a range of styles of fabrics & some thrilling outcomes, I do think that even the doubters (there are always doubters, especially when dirty cutting) were happy with their outcomes
I do hope lovely ladies that I get to see what you make with the blocks as some people cut and sewed enough for very large quilts
I would love to return to help design quilts and other items with them
Thank you ladies for such a lovely busy (hot) day, beautiful work and I enjoyed your company


This was an unusual not liked fabric that produced stunning results with a black background

Two beautiful blocks showing how different the blocks look with the same fabric

Subtle but so beautiful and a lovely matching background

This fabric was amazing, it had pens, ink bottles, stamps  and the green background sets it off beautifully, the blocks will be sashed with a gold / cream fabric, fabulous

Wow, this was a very busy fabric and all the blocks were incredible

I love these two blocks, yummy pears with a good colour palette

A lovely way to use checks, bright happy fabric

Japanese influenced fabrics always work well with this technique and this lady had to select a fabric from the Bee Inspired box that I took as her fabric did not have enough repeats, however with more fabric it will produce beautiful stone white and blue blocks.  THis one will become a cushion and placed on point with the scraps as a frame will look stunning

Terrific colour scheme, I love the way the little butterflys are circling the block and a great choice of background fabric, these fabrics are currently for sale at Bee Inspired £10 per metre

Amazing how different this block looks to the one above, lots of secondary patterns

This is the same fabric with a totally different pattern, this material was very successful

I do love the complementary colour scheme in this block and the tone and tone background, a successful outcome

Again, how can these be the same fabric but they are, spinning different ways they are both beautiful and lovely bit of piecing, well done
This background really enhances this fabric and the patterns just glows, I hope to see more of these

Here is another version of a block above, showing that stripes work as well as flowers

These are the same block, rotated to the left and to the right, look how different they are


This a favourite of mine (okay I should not have favourites but I am human!)  I love this fabric, it is beautifully pieced and the lady is a beginner patchworker
I am sure that there were more and I am sorry if I have missed yours out, if you email me I will add them
Such a lovely day, I hope that I see the outcome of the workshop.  I would love to be invited back :-)

Today was working at Bee Inspired, this morning continuing with the Arched window wallhanging, then a lovely lunch that I was treated to by my afternoon students at Java Java, then a very hot afternoon, was it not ladies?  But lots of varied projects kept my brain up to speed before the heat addled me and only tea would revive.  Naughty girl I was eating cake, oh dear.  Have a lovely summer ladies, thank you all for your support this past year, I will work hard on the next projects!

Just a snapshot of my busy life, in between is Stitched Scapes, Travelling Books, The Creative Guru, writing articles and trying to find time for personal work and designing childrens items, I am grateful for my life, thank you for reading, I would love some comments, I never seem to sort it out right, lol xx
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