Wednesday, 3 July 2013


One of my big birthday pressies is a samsung tablet.

Ive built computers, yep I really have. However , I know nothing about writing software and apps and predictive text.  So for the past week I have been beavering away doing A level 'get with it' every spare moment, some middle of the night moments and some long moments have been eaten up with THE LEARNING nit lije taxi drivers and the knowledge.
Many moons ago I studdied typing, huh what was the point, a proficient typist sitting here with a large metal matchstick tyoing one letter at a time heehee

Trouble is I LOVE IT hey omly took  5 hours to work out how to print, hey thats only a handbag or a small quilt isnt it. Talk about dummies, there needs to be a tablet for it !
I am now gonna try to oost a picture it maybe tomorrow when it arrives here goes
Okay its only taken 15 mins cant work out how to get rid of the keyboard
Anyhow this is one of the veiled trees in Jesus college park, weird but very beautiful, inspired me to do a little bit of creating, so im going to out this down, watch the tennis. Go murray and relax and maybe have a tablet groan.. x

Ps its fabulous x

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