Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I belong to a Yahoo group Embroidery Friends & the thread at the moment is copyright, so I thought that I would look up the current rules in Britain

This link explains very clearly the minefield that is copyright or intellectual property rights with the UK

As textile artists we inspire each other, but no-one should blatantly copy anothers work, what is the point of that?  How does our creativity grow if we dont think for ourselves and see what WE can achieve.

I deliver workshops, locally & via the Internet, I am eternally hopeful that those that take the workshops use the information in an appropriate manner & credit me where possible.  Indeed I do receive requests from time to time which mostly I am happy to allow.

So the object of this blogpost is to get each of us to think when we take a workshop or buy a workshop what we do with the information gleaned

Forging forward is what we should do!!

I shall now be Forging Forward Folgate - lol

Have a good day, its dull, grey and snowing here & I am eagerly awaiting the touch down of my globe travelling family today. Thanks for reading x

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