Monday, 18 March 2013


The latest picture of Pusseo, she with the many names & not cardboard cat any more as she has a tongue & groove des res.  She is sitting on a cat quilt that I made for my lovely Auntie Mary, it is full of cat panels and my precious Aunt loved it & now so does Puss, sitting happily on my husband she still only smiles at me if I offer her cream!

I know that I am bonkers but my husband is even worse when he arrived home with this kennel, if you look really hard you can see her in her basket in the bedroom compartment, we have had 'such fun' thinking up household improvements, I am likening it to Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home!
I am sure that I will return home one day to a window, a door & a chandellier in Charlottes house, improvements in my home only extend to a new knob on the boiler room door!!

England is in the grip of weird weather, here are the biggest snow flakes that I have ever seen, okay I know that I have taken them with my phone so they dont look like flakes, didnt get time to set up the DSLR & tripod and it only lastest a few minutes, this is the pretty little sort of wilderness (Lady Catherine de Bourgh) in my front garden

By the time I took this running down the sitting room the flakes had returned to normal

Then today, forecast was rain (again) grey (again) cold (again) and what have we got, bright sunshine, a little heat and beautiful blue sky ALL DAY.  So I dashed off to secret lane and got stuck in the pond.  I have taken many pictures of this pond, mostly it is dry, oh I have such muddy shoes and looked very stylish with my jeans rolled up ala 1980 ish
Isnt it a beautiful photo with the reflected trees

At the end of secret lane is this gate, the hundred years old style was removed and this replaced a couple of years ago, this is where the beasts gather, but not today it is ankle deep in melt water.  But I liked the composition of the photo with the shadows of the blackberry bushes
Most of the trees along my way have green like moss on them and feeling the trunks (you do that too dont you?) they are sodden.  The bushes are holding onto their buds so tightly, there are a few snowdrops and a few green leaves of daffoldils, oh I long for Spring, after a rubbish summer mostly last year (escept for THE wedding, THE holiday & THE Olympics) I am eally wishing for a lovely summer.  Just two days left until my darling daughter returns from her travels, I am counting the hours.  Thank goodness for Skype, altho in many places it has been impossible.  In Tokyo it has been possible so I have had my fix over the weekend, they never cease to be your babies do they?
Much sewing has been taking place for local classes & for my creative classes.  I shall get my act together soon & post & also send a newsletter, but not this afternoon, the sunshine is still a-calling
Hope wherever you are, life is good x
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