Sunday, 17 February 2013


Such a glorious day, prompted a visit to the local reservoir.  Along with what seemed like the rest of the county.  Dogs, bikes, runners, walkers, cars, ahhhh.  The path was waterlogged, I guess from melt off the fields, and its years since Ive seen the water so full.  Biggest shock is that there now is a parking charge of £2.50 no matter how long you are there.  So there were hoards of cars parked on the road, the causeway, the kerbside.  For goodness sake its not a fortune, but still very annoying a flat quid would have been much better.  I guess once the summer comes a yellow line will appear and it needs to as it is quite dangerous.  I spied joggers with ear phones, it is a peaceful beautiful place, why on earth go there to listen to music, of course these were young people, the older ones seemed to be in groups, which again, to me, seems awful, all that nattering, instead of enjoying the peace.  But by far the worst was a plethora of children on bikes, most without helmets, peddling far too fast and mostly directly at on comers or ringing bells behind you.  Gosh I was cross, what stupidity.
Moan over this is why I went
I am designing a wall hanging for my classes after Easter & went to get inspiration.  I still don't have my camera back (huge withdrawal symptoms today) so this was taken on my phone
Originally the piece was to be a landscape but after pondering on this scene, I am wandering about a lake scene with a boat.  If you were making it would you prefer to see some water in it or just hills and trees?  This is a silly picture with the tree slap bang in the middle but I couldn't see wearing varifocals with a tint and a pair of sunglasses and a hat, I am not to go outside in the sun without protection (b stupid if you ask me, but I comply)
I wanted to capture the sparkling water, the breeze was quite stiff and therefore the water looked like little ruffles
Best seen in this photo
Ive added a filter.  This now looks like fabric, ignore the atomic blur, I could clone that out
Close up, this has potential, not for the wall hanging, but for a piece of creative work.  The boat has such interesting shapes now.  Maybe my phone camera is not so bad!
Signs of spring are beginning
Amongst the detritus of autumn and winter a few little shoots are popping up
But the floods are still very real, this field has never been under water for as long as I can remember
More sparkling!
There should be a newsletter soon, with a mini workshop & there may be a freebie on here soon.
Thanks for reading, off to spend time with my family, eat & laugh, life is good x

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