Monday, 18 February 2013


Odd isnt it? you can labour over something for ages and then all of a sudden it just flies together.  Three of the wall hanging blocks done hooray and one almost finished.  Yippee.  Just the dilemma of hills or lake.... hills or lake???  Converting the design into patchwork week by week blocks is a challenge and I promised myself that I would cut all the pieces out and then sew them together, hmmm that didn't happen lol.  Much searching was also done to find the block for tomorrow Celtic bias applique class, look and look and there it was, hooray.  So I only have to drag in 3 bags, good job that I get dropped off by the door.
Lovely sunny day again, marred by a trip to the dreaded dentist.  Who is a new very very young dentist...he 'how has it been?' me....Christmas was awful, he....'oh dear and how is it now'  me huge coat, scarf, handbag, it really is a very small room, not used to this room, always went down the corridor to the surgery with the blue door, now I have to follow the very cheerful nurse UP the stairs, feels very weird...I digress... me... climbing into chair...DON'T POKE ME....he looked so surprised as I shouted this out much louder than I intended and the nurse spun round from being absorbed in the computer screen of my mouth in all its gory glory....him...oh no I just want to have a don't poke any instruments in anywhere...him ...just an inspection, he was looking a bit flustered by now so I shut up, well my mouth was semi wide open, after locking my jaw in the dentist a while ago I refuse to ;open wide; he can jolly well put up with semi wide.
So I thought in for a penny, hmmm could you tell me if this bit poking at my mouth with an un-gloved hand (I forgot to take the glove off the other hand, goodness he must think I am a nutcase) is something to do with the problem, to which he pounced on my mouth pulling my lip up and out and poking two gloved fingers inside proceeded to give me a lecture on whatever the piece attaching the gums to the jaw is called, the nurse was giving me sly looks.  I do think that they had a good laugh when I left, but I have had nearly 3 years of hell with my teeth thanks to a horrid hygienist, in that very room.  Anyhow, he decided, (not too sure I thought) that the bit had nothing to do with it as he had never heard of it before, hey he only looked 10.  So I was projected rather too quickly up in the chair and I scuffled (made up word) into huge coat etc, still with one glove on and told him that I don't want to see him for at least 6 months, boy he looked relieved, then I had a nice saunter home in the sunshine.  My favourite saying came to mind I AM INVINCIBLE
I'm dithering around waiting for my husband to stop watching a badminton bluray so I can watch Skyfall, might have to wait until tomorrow night now, men eh how annoying are they, first a dentist , second a husband, oh well could always go back and sew

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  1. If I didn't know how concerned you are........Id say it must have been a funny event!
    take care xx


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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