Tuesday, 1 January 2013


A very happy new year to you.  England has been renamed the land of wet lately, but when the clouds clear and the sun appears, oh what a glorious place this is.
This morning this is the usually dry pond locally, so full that I nearly slipped in trying to wade through, such a laugh
With the canopy so bare the sun reflected the trees beautifully in the pond, such a joyful scene

Full of mysterious things, look at the shapes and textures & the glorious colours, very inspiring
I met a lady here who said she had shoved the dinner into the oven, told her kids to go play outside as they looked pasty, pulled on her boots & hurried out to enjoy the day.  Chance encounters really are a joy are they not?
Looking back over 2012 mostly it was a joyous year, the highlight being my daughters wedding, followed by Lindisfarne & then the Olympics
It is so sad to welcome the new year with none of our parents, very poignant.
This year starts with my ongoing health issues, a mega trip for some newly weds & myself sans transport for the first time nearly ever.
My studio has not had its annual clear up ..yet.. just don't feel up to it at the moment, actually I like working in a heap, yep that's a decision.
I gave up on new year resolutions, because mostly it was 'must lose weight' then I didn't & then I felt miserable, well it happened for about 8 of 30 odd years so I suppose the odds are not that bad!
This is the beer quilt, mentioned before, made as a Christmas gift & very well received.  I enjoyed making pressies this year, applicable to the recipient
FREE workshop available now as a NEWSLETTER subscriber
Thank you for supporting me during the last year, especially during my long absences.  I am pondering on where to go at the moment & holding off making decisions for a while.  Do please keep popping back
I have released - for sale - TORAN TORAN a workshop making BUNTING / FLAGS that was part of the Smashee suite of workshops.  All information under the TORAN TORAN PAGE at the top of my blog
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  1. I love the photos above. I hope you hve a good year and that your health is not too bad. I've enjoyed learning new things through your online classes.

    Keep making things.




Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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