Monday, 24 December 2012


Here he is, my Santa that guards my home over the festive season.  He is opposite my main front door.  He was made by me from a Debbie Mumm pattern during the 1990's but finished for the millennium and is signed MM on his feet.  I love him & it feels Christmas when he arrives
Above him is last years Santa from Sweden - Tomten, he has a pottery hat and big bushy beard lol

Here is my wonderful tree, talked about in a previous post, my son chooses and buys and delivers our tree each year & also takes and disposes of it, what a wonderful Christmas gift, I forgot to photograph our lovely fairy made of feathers which is at least 50 years old.  Underneath the tree is my Santa sack made this year using my Accuquilt dies & guarded by one of my stuffed Santa's that are all over the sitting room

Next to the real tree is number one of two of these trees, made when my children were young, the other one has elastic on to tie sweets on, but it has gone awol in a bag in our attic along with the tree skirt, the Christmas stockings & an advent calendar with pockets & various other textile pieces.  I guess one day the bag will turn up.  I think I will add some quilting onto this tree onto the red before I pack it away, I remember running out of time the year that I made them and this one is only sparsely quilted

Our lovely friends popped in this week & bought me these gorgeous flowers

The year before my lovely mum passed away in 1993, she along with my children & myself sewed this Navitiy set.  Joseph is missing - for many years baby Jesus was missing too.  A mouse eat Josephs head & we also assumed Jesus as well, so for many years a star lived in the crib.  Then a couple of years ago buried in a bag was Baby Jesus.  I sewed Joseph out of plastic canvas, it took ages.  My mum sewed the 3 wise men, along with the scene is an angel & a snowman which all have meaning to me.

This is the pressie that I made for my great nephew who is aged one this Christmas as an eye spy quilt

This is the reverse

I spied this on the front of a magazine, altered it by using a clutch of fat quarters bought at Duxford in November, some of the fabrics are also in reverse

I do hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of my Christmas preparations.
I have sent out no Christmas cards at all this year, not to family or friends.
I have made a donation to Diabetes UK - in the name of the people whom are precious to me.  This may seem odd, but bits of paper that end up in the rubbish & the extortionate rate of postage does not say Christmas to me.  Research into this horrid decease, to me, is a much better use of cash.

In light of this I wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS, do take time to reflect just what Christmas really means.  I am listening to Carols from Kings as I write this, Hark the Herald Angels sing, Glory to the new born KING.
Every good wish xx
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  1. Wishing you a Happy and healthy 2013. Love looking at your creative work.


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