Friday, 21 December 2012


This is the old maket  place in my market town of Kettering, this was the starting point for one of my Stitched Scapes workshops
A couple of interesting interpretations (wow thats a word!!)
Ive just watched the program on Westminster Abbey & it reminded me of these pieces of work, just a snippet of the full piece.  Whilst we were sketching an old git told us that using a ruler was cheating, I actually felt like swearing at him...some people
Here are a couple of images of another of the Stitched Scapes
Again a sliver of a temptation
Such lovely work, I do try to make the workshops as interesting & diverse as possible.
Back to the TV program.  I last visited the inside of Westminster Abbey in 1991, the first week that Spirit in the Sky was number 1
That was fun finding the video.  I was working in London & a lad working with me didnt eat any dinner for a week to save up and buy this single, he was already so tin, I felt so sorry for him I offered him a sandwich which he looked at as though it was dirt, said nothing & slid away, Ive never forgotten it, I was astonished so I took my sandwich & walked to Westminster Abbey & sat on the green that they showed in the program & eat it & then walked into the abbey, in those days it was free, how wonderful.
Funny how a blog post takes on a life of its own isnt it.  This was going to be about my town.  Ive changed the comment settings, thanks to Lyn who pointed out what was rong, now hopefully I can get comments again.
Last night was our Kettering Embroiderers Guild Christmas meeting with Kumi Middleton
Kumi is such a delightful artist & her panels & bags were so beautiful.  She is with us again in January where we will be making a panel for a bag by sewing machine, if you would like to come to the meeting but dont know what to bring then please email me or add a comment with email address & I will send the requirements
Do look at her blog & Etsy shop, she has such an interesting method, we have had Kumi as a speaker before & I made a couple of cushions using her ideas.  She also sells pieces of kimono fabric in bundles which is a real delight to buy and use, they are not silk but are interesting fabrics because they are different.  I shall try then with my other Japanese Taupes.  I woke up sometime in the dead of night trying to wrk out shapes for bags lol
The little pieces are so skinny, the balance, proportion & feeling of space as wonderful & not easy to achieve, I am looking forward to next months meeting.  I actually want to start now, but am on a mission to finish a quilt called Spring Flowers that I have been teaching this year.  Just the hand finishing to do now.
I have also been designing the wallhanging Arched Window that I am teaching after Easter.  I have the fun part of choosing the fabrics to come, I am going to sneak in some of Kumis fabric that arrived home with me last night, along with a large pressie and 3 small ones & some lovely cards.  I am going to keep them until Christmas day.  I am very fortunate to have such wonderful friends
Ive got Titanic on the Tv as I type, Jack Jack Jack, good job that I love that name (my Fathers name) but oh dear such over acting.  My lovely Christmas tree bought by my fabulous son is next to me, I must take a photo, tomorrow perhaps, all my Christmas pressies are done, Ive made quilts, given money & gifts of time.  The shops are so stuffed with stuff that its disgraceful.  I watched Kirstys Christmas program where she spent (or rather channel 4 spent) 20 pounds on gold leaf to decorate a few pears.  I was incensed at the waste.  I have sent no Christmas cards, I do feel that a charity could do with the money much more.  So thats what I am doing.
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