Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Here are the bird photos that I promised to show.  Steph has said that she likes them, so I am very happy

This is the orginal bird that I made as a sample it is as near as I could get to the original bird, I have not added any beads yet

This is also mine, mark two, needs alot of stitching.  The brown fabric with the splodges on is potassium permanganate & lemon juice and all the other fabrics are hand dyed.  The cotton fabric is a bit thick and I would have preferred using batik fabric as alot of the others did.  But these are a type of fabric that I do not own a stash off, dont really know why, perhaps 2013 will be Modern quilting and batik year??

Now I am not really sure whose all of the following are, bad me, I do know a couple

This one I know is Carols because she embroidered the tummy instead of chipping it, excellent idea and so effective, she is an ace embroiderer

I really like the pink areas on this one

Vibrant chipping here

I know this is Ruths, cause its the other way round, she meant to do this & I wish that I had done that with my mark 2 then they could have kissed, awwww

Great branch & neat chippings

Lovely use of batik

Again lovely brown batik

Finally Sallys psyco bird, such fun with its sparkles
I am really looking forward to seeing what they all do with them & will take clearer photos, I hope next time
I dont understand what has happened to my comments as I know some of you have commented & they are not showing up even in the spam, hey ho
I have a frozen face today after a trip to the dentist, I am dribbling & had to eat rice pudding on my own for tea!  Such a funny voice too, I guess that he gave me enough drugs for two people as 5 hours later I am still frozen up lol  Thanks for reading
PS.  I am sorry if you would have liked to do this day, I was restricted by the size of the room & had to stick to those that I knew would not be working.
 Its a one-off, a sort of pressie from Stephanie Redfern
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