Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I am a subscriber to WOW - www.workshopontheweb.com  In the September issue was a workshop by Steph Redfern - http://stephanieredfern.wordpress.com/

Steph has allowed me to show my friends how to do this and this picture is the result

I could only invite those that were not working & whom I see really regulary because of lack of space
A wonderful flock of birds, all individual in colour and fabrics.  I changed around the method a bit as I didnt want to copy Stephs own method, altho I think her method is the best.  I am looking forward to seeing what  they do with them

A HUGE THANK YOU  to Steph for allowing me to do this, please check out her blog and follow all the wonderful work that she produces.  I am a real fan, there are very few current textile artists that I admire & she is my favourite

I have more pictures on my phone, when I can find the lead then I will post them x

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