Monday, 22 October 2012


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It really has become a spectacular Autumn this year in England, I suppose it will come to an end this week with the impending 'cold snap' but it is such a bonus after a ghastly summer

I have loved Chinese Lantern, sincet hey were the first plant that we planted in our first garden nearly 40 years ago

A beautiful reminder of why Roses are so loved

This was part of a large area outside my church, it was flat but full of different flowers
I have just returned from teaching the second STITCHED SCAPES today.  Sorry forgot to take pictures of the lovely work.   We worked with bonding, coloured scrim, mulberry paper, hand & machine stitch & Thermofax screens.  I had intended to  use my new original screen but actually forgot, I have a mound of pieces to use, the main problem with screen printing is that it is so rapid to produce lots of pieces & to get messy.  The state of the class hand towel was awful lol

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