Sunday, 21 October 2012


11am London Skyline, view from Alexander Palace.  WOW, so very lucky with the misty weather in the morning & beautiful golden glow in the afternoon.  Taken with a camera phone

Inside the exhibit in the Palm court, the centre post sprayed gold, look closely and you will see knitting needles & all sorts of trims etc.  There was a seat attached to the pole of the yurt, to sit and absorb the unfinishables.

All around the yurt were these incredible textiles, printed onto maybe silk or polyester organza, pictures of unfished work by people whose explanations were around the yurt as well.  Fascinating, some were happy, some sad, the comments were all so true of all of us, who make a piece then fall out of love, time or energy.  I could have spent hours in here reading all the comments, I wonder if there is a web site or blog about this?
Excellent workshop with James.  Awful squashed in venue.  Noisy people waiting for their next workshop & one woman marched in on our workshop, sid she wanted to sit down & did he mind, well what could he say, I was not at all happy.
Back to the stitching - Below is James sample piece, yummy, okay I know it looks like nothing but it was very very interesting workshop.  I learnt 2 new stitches, I also learnt to impress on myself & my students to CONSIDER THE QUALITY OF THE MARK - think about each stitch, why I am doing it, where I am placing it, does it enhance or detract from the piece.  This advice is priceless and it provoked much conversation on the journey home & at our local Embroiderers Guild meeting on Tuesday.  A highly recommended tutor, very different & very talented

A grey old day today here, not much of anything today, except I managed to get my husband to help with his first piece of help position pieces any way, no sewing yet but you never know hmmm! thanks for reading, hope your Sunday is good x
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  1. You were lucky to have that workshop... I'm jealous.
    I have a similar skyline pic on my Blog ( also taken with my camera phone. AS I left for the coach to come home the weather was glorious and the view superb.


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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