Saturday, 20 October 2012


A lovely picture of Dale & myself at Alexander Palace last sunday.  We had a lovely catch up on a whole years news and put the world to rights!

Knitting & stitching show, I really likes this coat dress, made by a student, lovely colour combination
The knitted village, so charming & such fun, loved it

There were lots of exhibitions but due to nattering with someone, buying my machine, see previous post, having the wonderful workshop with James Hunting (more about that in another post) I hardly saw any of the exhibitions.  But this one was most impressive

Okay - the word WHY comes to mind, but it is fun

Beautiful plate, beautiful insertion stitching

I would not want to live with these but at least its pushing the boundaries in a nice way instead of blood & gore (watching War Horse at the moment, I am suprised that anyone survived the first world war)
Beautiful day here, still & calm, with a pale lemon sun & fabulous colours on the leaves
Back soon x
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