Saturday, 13 October 2012


The New Forest

PEOPLE......lots of them....if you wish to avoid them then DONT go to Dunelm Mill on opening day and DONT go to a Card Making Fayre (actually do go to the fayre as it was great) but I think it was great because I had huge fun with my friends grand daughter in her buggy, she in the buggy not me ha!  I was restrained as off to Alexander Palace tomorrow to see Dale.  A very enjoyable Saturday after being stabbed with the anti flu virus (I hope) queue this year half an hour and a lovely chat to a really nice lady.  Then I bumped into a previous student of mine from 12 years ago who was ver complimentary and completely made my day
I should be stitching, I should be doing a number of things  but am sitting with the cardboard cat gazing out of the window into the lovely Autumn sunshine & beautiful colours, pondering on all the stencils I have just seen and NOT bought as am picking some up from tomorrow.
This is one that I do already have
This is another favourite of mine, cloth with decolourant & a Thermofax screen.  Hmmm this is a nice piece, I must dig this out as a background.  Got all enthused now so will stop day dreaming and get doing, have a lovely Saturday, I will report on A P tomorrow or Monday depending on how tired I am, oh I am taking a workshop with James Hunting so there should be a little bit of stitch to report and I am looking for this......
Its Rachels fault for lending me hers, what a fabulous little machine, all my 'in progress' projects now have their binding all neatly rolled up ready & I can have one as a Christmas pressie from my DH, good old stick, exciting eh and I also want a new Accuquilt die
This one
or this one
or this one, or maybe none of them if I cant get a good deal, there is another one but I cant remember what its called.  I shall visit lady sew and sew as they did me a deal and also replaced one for me really quickly and without any bother, I was VERY impressed.  I also need to remember (yes Carolyn) to collect my shopping and not leave it there! like at FOQ this year
Right thats enough, off to play, thanks for reading x


  1. shelagh glad you have loved the machine, sure alot of us on a tuesday will put it to good use. Love the picture of the new forest, i have great memories of this area from my childhood - kicking the leaves on our way to find the deer rutting at this tme of year.

  2. Yes it is fabulous and if I can find one at a good price I will buy one. I too love the New Forest, had many many happy family holidays there

  3. I had a flu jab today too................fingers crossed! love the leafy shapes....: )


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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