Friday, 14 September 2012


Once a year, I treat myself to a workshop.  I am very very fussy!
There are a few artists whom I admire; Jo Budd, Cas Holmes & Stephanie Redfern
Last September I was fortunate enought to attend a workshop in Birmingham with Steph.  At the Festival of Quilts, I learnt of spare places on a course called Into the Garden, with Steph, at Bramble Patch, so this was to be this years course.
A two day course in the studio at Bramble Patch, an excellent venue, huge room, very pleasant.
I am embarking on a new series of work.  My textile group AFFINITY have been set a list of 'rules' to create pieces of work for an exhibition.
For my first piece I have chosen the work of the great man William Morris and the Strawberry Thief.
The bird motif or shape - I challenged myself to work with
Colour theme:
The work is to be called
This is the title of one of Willam Morris's books
My pieces have nothing to do with woods or worlds lol
This is what was born yesterday
Sorry about the really dark image, this is the design
First steps, a bird has appeared, this has been very roughly stitched, I am not at all happy with it, so I went to bed & let sleep do its best
Spot the difference lol
This is not at all finished, but it is a start to be worked upon
Tomorrow Ill post about my other pieces
A big thank you to Steph, a true artist, wonderful spacial awareness, balance, proportion & a Je ne sais pas.  I would so love to own a piece of her work, one day hopefully.
Shattered now after a trip to Hobby Craft - very restrained, a piece of felt and some chocolate - remember Ive been two days in a fabric shop!
Thanks for reading x
Oh thank you to all the new newsletter readers, lovely.


  1. This is a topic which is near to my heart... Many thanks!

    Exactly where are your contact details though?
    My blog ; guild Wars guide

  2. ooh lucky you............looking good!


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