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I heard yesterday that the Collins online dictionary has included chillaxing as a word along with some other equally dodgy words, most of which I had never heard, even from the daft 'amazing' 'journey' 'on my page' '24/7' people
I know that language evolves.  I remember only too well 'swinging' & 'dodgy' not with the same meanings of today's people
English is such a complicated language.  A mix of old English, German, Latin , French, probably Norse, Gallic & who knows what else.  Fascinating program on the Box (that's not a box any more, its a slim black slit) with Neil Oliver the archaeologist
A story of the Vikings.  Now I have a Viking in my family, so I am very interested in his history
20 of so years ago I was studying for my City & Guilds Part one, one of my design 'boards' or sheets was the Oseberg ship
Imagine my delight when a nice large chunk of the program was on this fabulous ship, with its cargo of 2 bodies, both women.  One nearly 80 and another younger woman, who was of mixed race.  So very exciting to hear for me.  As I welcome all of my Viking son in laws family into my family.
I then got very carried away with the patterns on this replica
PROGRAMS:  Microsoft WORD 10 & Corel Photopaint 9
Other programs will work too
I have Photoshop Elements but am being a bit tardy at learning how to use it!
I am busy discovering all the Word has to offer
Save your picture in your photo software.  I use Picasa 3, which is a free program from Google.  Okay its a bit annoying sometimes, but it is free and so easy to use
COPY your picture to the CLIPBOARD
The wonderful clipboard that holds images or text or both for you in temporary waiting for wahtever you want to do
Open up Word
Open a blank file, name it what ever you want, mine is Oseberg!
Save it
PASTE your image in the page (Edit paste or control V)
Save the page call it Oseberg1 or whatever
Click on the image to bring up the HANDLES
Drag a corner handle to make the image larger or smaller
SAVE as Oseberg2
SAVE each stage as a new file, then it is so easy to undo or not lose your work if you have a power failure, like we had TWICE yesterday..why? have no idea, save you work at each stage, you can always delete the files later
There is a really nifty tool in WORD.  You can eliminate the background!
This is what I have done here.  Ive only just discovered this, very exciting
CLICK  on the picture
Look at the bar at the top of the program andyou will see a tab PICTURE TOOLS
CLICK on this
A flyout will give you options, the first being
click on this & handles will appear on your image, the greyed out (purple in my case) area is the area that will be CUT AWAY
drag the handles until what you want to keep is in focus
then click on
Background has vanished
I then copied the image to the clipboard (edit copy or shortcut control+C)
and pasted it back (edit paste or shortcut control+V)
Then I went to play
Click on those and play around, I used the Reflection option
Remember to SAVE
When you have finished playing around.  SAVE & then COPY to clipboard
OPEN UP COREL photopaint or some other software
Your image will appear
Then it can be played around with in software that you can save it as a Jpeg.  Which will appear in Picasa to play with their Free edits.
Word does not save it as a picture file, so to upload to you on the Blog, I had to copy it to Corel
Finally for this tutorial
How about that!
Its so strange where inspiration can come from, and what it can lead too - I could play and play with this.  But I think printing it out onto cloth is the way to go and using it as an applique, they all face the same way, but if I do reverse or mirror on my printer then I could get a reverse
Or re-copy back into work and flip it
Oh the joys of our computer age.  Back to the dark ages when I originally worked with this image, it was all done by hand and a black and white photocopier, no not the good old days, give me now and the very strange language
Do let me know if you have a go, also if you know other yummy simple things to do with basic software
Thanks for reading
I am off on a 2 day course - images will appear, maybe not tomorrow as its BOAT group in the evening but on Friday and over the weekend.  Im not saying who with - wait and see x

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