Sunday, 16 September 2012


 I have had such a problem getting onto my blog.  The access seems to have disappeared, then I remembered I could send from Picasa so horray.  This is for Dale.  See I really do have a wishing well.  When I was a child my beloved Daddy built us one which was surrounded by wild bluebells, I lived between my junior school and my senior school and lots of children passed by each day and the wishing well was a real talking point.  I was telling my children this one day after the passing of both of my parents and for mothers day a wishing well appeared, many tears have been shed
Then one day THEY arrived, one by one they marched into my life.  They moved about, stood on their heads, did very naughty things and basically drove me bonkers until I said NO MORE.  Now I wish I had never said anything, because the Gnomes just live in the well, they never move or indeed look at all happy.  My wishing well lives in my front garden under my weeping willow tree, surrounded by a lovely hidden path.  Do you have a wishing well too?
Here is the start of my second piece from Steph Redfern workshop, remember its based on Strawberry Thief, you can just see the bird, it is on fabric, the bird is on Evolon, brightly coloured because I treated the Evolon before I printed it. There is no stitching ..yet
I must get some sleep tonight, have been plagued by cramp for 3 nights and last night was awful, Ive been up since 5am, do you know the feeling when your eyes feel like they have been pushed into your head? Yep? shake hands. x See you tomorrow, hopefully without Panda eyes
I have more pieces
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  1. No mooning gnome in there is there?.....shame lol


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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