Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Ahhhh, the bubble of the Olympics has popped here, back to wracking a very lethargic brain for ideas and phone calls from the hospital regarding my mother in law, who is being kicked out far too soon
Neck is still not right, moany moany.  I didnt enjoy the closing ceremony at all, old codgers, old songs, with thousands of young athletes, obviously planned by someone in his 50's  I didnt like the phoenix, I thought it was childish and tacky, the best song was Muse, fantastic.  So all in all a big thumbs down from me after the most fabulous two weeks
Detail of Travels to Tintern For Sale - £210 inc p & p

Detail of Tintern Walls For Sale - £210 inc p & p

Going to watch Lewis to cheer up a bit!
Thanks for reading, off to NEC on Thursday for Festival of Quilts, looking forward to that x

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