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 I have such a confession to make.  I didnt take any pictures at the Festival of Quilts in Birminham NEC today.  In fact I hardly looked at the quilts & didnt see any of the winners.  These pictures are all Carolyns, who somehow managed to whizz round everything, buy loads of stuff & still find time for lunch.
I dont know who made these lovely quilts and it is a suprise to me to see them, a different selection than what I would have chosen no doubt so its interesting

I spent nearly an hour on 21st century yarns stand and spent over 100 quid, left the stuff on the stand and DIDNT get it back!  We all booked in the morning a talk by Sandra Meech on her new book from 4 till 5, it ran on till 5.15 and the festival was closed so my very lovely friend Sheila will collect it tomorrow for me, phew!  Its a bag of scrim and strips of wool felt, needed for my new set of classes called STITCHED SCAPES

It was packed, especially down the traders mall in the usual hall, there was another hall that was about three quarters being used, lots of space and very airy, with the horrid pink orange carpet, that I hate.

I sat on the  Sizzix stand with a big shot and cut up Drunkards Path from free fabric, cause she with the 9 foot square room stacked with fabric just has to have a little bit more!
I met a previous student on there which was lovely hiya Suzi.
I also met another previous student whilst having lunch, small world, Hi Diana

I bumped into Carolyn on the Lady Sew & Sew stand which had the accuquilt dies.
Two of my current students have donated money to buy new dies so I did buy two new ones, will blog about this in the next few days

I have made a patchwork organiser for the new set of classes and hunted for more fabric on Kaleidescope (Fabrics were £1 dearer than at Malvern in May, I was annoyed at that) and spied some new Stollen ones, Ill photograph and post later

I am teaching a method with Thermofax screens in October, so thought I would treat us all to a couple of screens from Thermofax screens.  Clarie Higgots business, she is a lovely person.  Jenny Rolfe was working on her stand after teaching for 3 hours, she looked really fresh, I was envious
I will post them next time as well

Found another screen on Ineke Berlyn stand where she was talking to four people in Dutch (she is Dutch)  I said this all sounds really interesting & one of them said even if it is double dutch to which I replied quaduple dutch and they all burst out laughing.  Dont you meet such lovely people at these events

The Sandra Meech talk was very good, I do love Sandra, she is such a professional.  Her work was so ground breaking & her new book (the subject of the talk) looks very good, explaining the elements and principles of design in a manageable way.

I spoke to Margaret Walker from City & Guilds who said that it is still thriving and the Embroiserers Guild arm is growing nicely

Fat quarters seemed rare to me, however maybe I just didnt look in the right places

Whilst rushing for lunch I stumbled upon a nice lady (whom I cant remember) with an innovative approach to reverse applique. Maybe one of my friends on the coach trip tomorrow will find out

I had a wonderful time on Stephanie Redferns stand looking at Stone Bird.  I have waited a year to see the whole of her book, as the git of an angel last year would not show more than 3 pages, he was very rude.  Maybe the book attracts rude people (not) as I was busy looking at it a very rude woman grabbed one of the pages and started turning them back over, I said cant you wait please and watch with me to the end, she snapped you dont own looking at it.  Miserable old bat.  Steph was as bouncy as usual and her stand was so lovely, do stop by, she is selling cards, books and beautiful pieces of work, I really wanted to buy one but I didnt fancy a divorce if I did, they were very reasonably priced (well too cheap actually, given the amount of beautiful work)

Im going to have to get a small camera, I like to take my DSLR but given the state of my neck could not risk making it worse
So a wonderful day with some lovely friends, followed by fish and chips at the Embroiderers Guild meeting at Janis house, lovely evening uploading these pictures to show on here
Off to bed now, weary, broke but happy
Thanks for reading x
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  1. You got the wrong angel last year! I was given a pair of gloves and was able to see each page at my own pace. There was quite a crwod before I finished!


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