Friday, 6 July 2012


Hi, a whole week has flown by since the excitement of the wedding and our mini holiday

On Monday this happened
Where I work at Bee Inspired was about 100 yards from the Olympic torch relay, so we trotted down the street, stood on a concrete planter and absorbed the fantastic atmosphere, like steping into another world.  Quiet normal / wild, loud music (ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN...stuck in my head all week)  So out came the phone camera and a video taken of all the build up, the huge amount of security, the huge amount of police, the huge amount of vehicles, the slightly bubbling at the back of my mind of arnt we in recession..?? and then she was there with the torch and my phone said no memory so its a big thank you to Katy for sending me this.  Tons of people, it had been raining (so when in summer of wet 2012 does it not) But there was a fabulous turnout, we didnt go down to see the swop over of torches as it looked a bit manic, so we trotted back up the hill to carryon using our smashing machines to make a flower vase all excited & glad to have been a very small part of history.
You know the story of the Accuquilt Go machine & how it was gifted to me & the quilters in our area by Margaret Taylor.  Well Ruth has just sent me this picture of her lovely quilt

All made with the Go dies, lovely arrangement of left over fabrics, well done Ruth & thanks for sharing

Yesterday we had a DAY / NIGHTER.  In which I taught in the morning 8 fabulous students & we had a visit from 3 ladies from Lahnstein, one of our twin cities.  This provoked much merriment in class, it is so lovely to share ideas & they were lovely people.
Then in the afternoon it was STASH our patchwork group where lots of different items were being constructed,  I was basically faffing about, but did manage to finish a piece, that I forgot to photograph & is going to hand in the shop, will promise to get a picture next week
I also managed to sew the binding on a heavily quilted piece, when I have finished hand stitching the binding Ill post a piccie of that too.  I have intentions of altering the quilt but see what you think first

Today it is pouring & I have been watching the first free practice of the British Grand Prix which is taking place about 25 miles from me.  There ar 18,000 people at the moment there all hoping for a bit of respite from the weather...hmmm.  fat chance of that

I still have pictures to post of the Abbey & the castle of Lindisfarne
This is the famous Celtic cross that appears in many publications & is where the children bid me a happy birthday, I shall always remember that little boy who so made my day.
These are the patterns on the cross, if anyone would like a picture sent to work from then please do email me
The detail is astonishing
This is those tomb it is
William Grossman d 1900

I am off to do something mildly creative after having lunch, I dont think I have ever seen the grass as lime green in July before, everywhere is so clean & scrubbed but oh please bring the sun back
Thanks for reading x

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