Saturday, 7 July 2012


Before the rain, captured from the car on the journey to Lindisfarne
Take a slice of the picture above and convert to a pencil sketch.  This would work so well for thread painting, maybe onto silk, even raw silk would give the extra texture then using a tooth brush to splatter the effects before stitching

I just love the texture of the walls of the Abbey.  Worn away by the wind and rain, they look like skeletons
This is the beautiful soft pallette that the stones contain

Two close ups of the texture, I find these very inspiring, the second one reminds me of a real sponge

St Cuthbert
I am very pleased with this shot, if you click on it it should enlarge, the colours are beautiful, also the outline shape
Hopefully some ideas for you to consider with these images or your own

I am watching the doubles tennis its the final set very exciting, its at championship point for the wildcard pairing.  Lets see what happens.....they have won!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic how wonderful, what a fairytale ending

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  1. Fantastic cross and lichen!
    And a great idea using the bridge pic too


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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