Saturday, 21 July 2012


One of my NEWSLETTER subscribers has sent me these images of work she have done from the FREE mini workshop.  Thank you Els
Its not too late to sign up and still receive the workshop.  By the way it would be lovely you could visit Facebook and 'like' me I am trying to get to 100.  Link is on the side bar

The sun has arrived today and at last Ive got the washing dry, some of it from 5 days ago, I hate it draped over everything. I am not feeling too well, a huge mouth ulcer, broken tooth, headache ...blah blah you know how it goes. 

However, you will all be proud of me.  This morning mad mower morris started playing his guitar, it was so loud and I had such a headache that I went round and confronted him.  I could get no answer and took to hammering on his sitting room window.  He was very apologetic and actually very nice, said he had a new guitar and new music and got over excited.  It all went much quieter, lets hope he remembers, I had never met him before and I was shaking, not good to have confrontation with someone you dont know but he was quite nice.  Felt so fed up that I took to chopping off my hair, eventually it looks okay, a bit short.  So I took to chopping up the sleeves of a tee shirt.  Good job I was alone, I got a bit scissor happy & chopped up a little bag that |I made yesterday.  Must be sun stroke!!!!!
Must get some pictures done of the latest stitching, perhaps tomorrow
By for now, thanks for reading
London prepares, all getting very exciting x

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  1. Youd think the daft man would use headphones and plug himself in so only he can hear the row!
    Good for you lass


Thank you for your comment, regards Shelagh



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