Thursday, 19 July 2012


A bit of a ponder.... Time... very annoying to me, cooked up by ancients and does not seem to fit within me.
One day last 10 hours and another lasts 30 hours
When I worked for the Government the afternoons dragged by like days, but today the afternoon flew by in minutes.  So I have decided to give up time!!  I already dont wear a watch, my bedside clock is set so wrong that I cant remember how wrong it is & I lose myself completely when I am sewing by singing or humming tunelessly
As we all prepare here for the wonderous event that is the Olympic Games, time becomes even more valuable.  Careers are forged and lives changed by the smallest amount.  I have been indulging in a sport TV program fest over the past week where the Olympic motto
Citius, Altius, Fortius,
faster, higher, stronger,
shows how relevant time is for our athletes.
What do you think?
Maybe its cause I am so tall that my head works at a different rate to the rest of my body (joke)
This picture is St Pancras International station, with the famous clock & the wonderful rings
I am hopping mad at the potential border control strike next Thursday.  How DARE they.  The games are about the ATHLETES, nothing else, nothing.  Many of their family members will be arriving for the opening ceremony, to cause such chaos is just plain mean
Well this manmade thing called time has caught up with me as I am being nagged to go to bed, cause the clock says so and not my clock.  I am a night bird, so I am going to watch a creative video online and thumb my nose at time!!
(Back in my box)

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