Monday, 21 May 2012


Lets see if blogger is being friendly with the last of the Malvern pictures
Lovely machine quilting on this, excellent feathers & a different arrangement, I really must remember to take my DSLR next time as these are very poor quality & dont do the makers justice.

Nice piece of applique, almost looks life like, maybe a bit triffid but nicely sewn

I remember seeing a whole quilt like this at Carrefour du patchwork a few years ago, all made with rainbow colours & black and see through, this block reminded me of it
Next year (September) I am teaching a series of workshops called STITCHED SCAPES locally & online.  This will be a series of lessons on many forms of scapes.  Therefore this quilt or series of quilts was very interesting.  I have been massively influenced by the Hockney exhibition (waiting in the queue!!) shape, line & colour & am developing new courses reflecting my inspriations of his and Carrie  Ackroyd .  This is the first mention of this brand new set of lessons, which will be launched over the summer months in readyness for September 2012
I guess that the Olympics will be an influence as well.  Watching the torch relay it is a beautiful shape
I see on the news tonight that people are selling their torches, just looked on ebay and there are over 50 for sale, some silly prices.  Why does anyone want a torch?  I suppose its the same as a print of a famous painting.  What do you think?  I didnt know that they were being given away like sweets.  I stupidly thought that it was one torch for the relay passed from hand to hand, am I daft or is this just another piece of Olympic gone mad advertising (I am still really cross at not getting ANY tickets & my husband is an athlete who has competed for his country & holds lots of masters medals grrrr)

I think that my mind has gone awol now, I have a picture frozen on the Tv of Carl Lewis the brilliant long jumper & sprinter & my husband has disappeared, hmmm do I turn it off???
I have had a lovely day making a little wallhanging with three cats on it.  Pusseo, black puss & ginger cool, only they are red, green and pink, guess which one is which, I am trying to use up some of the fabric that I bought last Thursday, but there is still a huge wadge left, thats before I start on the Japanese Taupes and the Rouennieries Deux and hand dyes....whoops was going to be secret squirrels.
I will photograph what I have made when the sun is out, its dusk here now, we are being teased as to the weather for the week, cloud & 20 or sun & 27...hmmmmm what do I believe...beardy ....
Right off to get sorted for tomorrow, have been strict teacher, its Dales fault!!!
Thanks for reading x

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  1. Loved the quilts you shared. Sounds like those kitties have found just a little of their way into your heart :)


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