Sunday, 20 May 2012


When it was mothers day here in England, I was ill, shall not go on about the lost three months, but my lovely daughter had booked us into Menzies Cambridge for a day of indulgence
This is the swimming pool complex, lovely.
I discovered that I had stashed away 4 new swimming costumes...why? hey ho well I had a choice and they all fitted, bonus.  So off I trotted along the almost empty A14 to meet my daughter, who looked quite stunning in a fabulous purple & grey dress and thick purple tights, quite a bit of head turning of which she was oblivious.  Even more so when she donned her bikini, wow the gym sessions have really played off, I was so proud of her.  Isnt it funny when you observe men trying not to show that they are oggling, especially if with a woman, so funny observing, made me chuckle
I had a wonderful hot stone back massage, my first.  Wow I could get so used to this life!!
oooh just watched Tom Daly win with a fabulous PB in the European diving championships, fabulous stuff, well done Tom...whooo hooo roll on the Olympics.

We had lunch which was a bit different, a sort of smorgasbord (hope Ive spelt that right) have to get my Swedish right for the forthcoming wedding.  Talking of which I have been busy surfing for an outfit, oh my goodness what a lot of shiny horrid clothes, getting a bit panicked now.  I want something a bit different but cant find anything ..yet, have been on all the stores sites, I figured it would save a lot of leg work if I found a place that I liked a few outfits from before getting despondent due to my rather large size, long legs and arms & tubby belly.  I fancy a lace dress, but Holly Whilloby I am not, still I am ever hopeful that one day I will wake up and be a size 14 again.
I digress
The food was very nice, not my usual fare, but lovely, I had a wonderful time, thank you my darlingXX
Then I drove home via the wrong road, both ways, nearly hitting the motorway and nearly visiting Cambridge (oooh Paperchase, didnt think of that...oh good job it would have been closed duh!)  Got a bit stressy about that & also I nearly had a crash, but least said about that maybe I wont get nightmares, gosh really tired now.  Wanted to do some quilting on the new quilt but cant see straight

Found some more Malvern pictures that I had moved to the memory on the phone
Part of a lovely quilt, sorry I don't know the maker, cause I am too mean to buy a catalogue, always used to.  In fact 'back in the day' (jargon...Ill be 24/7 amazing on a journey, on a page, on a roller coaster and so on, gosh don't you just hate it) I always used to take loads of photos and label them all up and put in an album, I have hundreds, I even used to make inspirational display boards for my students, who mostly ignored them.  Studying successful textiles is absorbing I think.
Another lovely block from the same quilt

Sorry this is so blurred, lovely arrangement of seminole patchwork

Interesting arrangement of this sampler quilt, with the applique really setting it off.  The small amount of purple really lifts the quilt & I liked this one very much

This is just the type of hanging that I love, just like Ferrets fantastic machine work, the maker has produced a beautiful piece, I did wonder if it was a City & Guilds piece?  As it looks like an exercise in shape and line, very effective, reflected in winning two rosettes.  Sorry bad me I dont know what they are.  Maybe the winners names are posted on the malvern (Quilts Uk) website?

It is the RHS Chelsea show this week
3D flowers were in abundance

Sorry blogger is having a hissy fit and wont post any more pictures, so I will leave it there, hope that you had / are having a lovely weekend. Weather here is dismal & spitting rain...again
Thanks for reading x

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