Saturday, 19 May 2012


Hooray, finished a quilt top that I started this morning with fabric I bought on Thursday, thats a record for me, need to quilt & bind it & I have a lovely new lap quilt to keep my knees warm during our non exsistant spring.  Too dark and late to photograph
This is the main fabric, its called Happy Ever After by Red Rooster
I dont normally buy novelty fabrics but this one took my fancy (there is a cat on it, a skinny black one & he marched in this morning, has really pin sharp white teeth, I sneaked him a little treat stick, ones that Pusseo wont eat, DH was very cross with me :-) & I have had a happy day in the studio designing and stitching, rained nearly all day (again) Now what to do with the left overs.....?
Anyone else been stitching today? x

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