Tuesday, 22 May 2012


My books have arrived
This is a fabulous book, I borrowed it from Janis (thank you) it is very expensive
its £33 on Amazon, but I just had to have it.  It is full of prints & is not a how to book, more a coffee table book, but really appeals to me

Ever since I went (twice) to the V & A quilt exhibition, I have wanted this book but it was always over £20, then yipee one posting for £11 so it is now sitting alongside me and it is such a joy

This is a lovely book, full of 9 inch blocks made out of Japanese Taupe fabrics
I met Susan Briscoe, the author at Malvern Quilts Uk & bought some of her fabrics to make some of the blocks, she needle turn appliques them, I love to do this, so will be a joy this summer to do some of them
Japanese Quilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe

This is her quilt from Malvern, it is quite simply stunning, the accuracy of the blocks and the use of the shading on the fabrics, wonderful
Now I can return Ruths book (thank you & sorry that I forgot to return it today)

I have sort of discovered a magazine, its not a new one, but somehow its new to me
This is not this months edition, in the May / June 2012 edition, there is a wonderful article on Boro.  Japanese cloths made of fragments of fibres, fascinating story.  There is also an article on the Engish patchwork method of piecing over papers & some lovely examples from around the world.
Today at class we have been making Cathedral window blocks.  Ordinary & drafted,
The great Lynne Edwards book, had its dusting off again 1995
Wonderful book with clear instructions,
This is the 2009 version.
Look up Cathedral window quilts on Google images, lots of lovely examples.  I have set my girls the task of making an innovative version of right angles triangles & rectangles.  See what they come up with in 3 weeks, as a passing shot I mentioned the Jubilee and red, white and blue, wonder if they took that on board?
Watching the new Lewis on catch up, interesting about Lewis Carroll & the Snark.  Interesting slant to use the word Lewis as well, such clever writers
Thanks for reading, I have lots to read myself now x

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