Monday, 16 April 2012


Back again with some more images & no moaning this time. 
There were some quilts on a theme, I dont know what it was, but they all had a feeling of loss.  This one has the heart traces running across it and it has words printed onto sheer fabrics that I dont think can be read on this photo.  I think this works so very well, is very balanced & won a award.

I have to admit here that I took this photo then stood and read all the words on the quilt and it made me cry (probably the cause of the headache)  It is about losing her husband, oh it was so sad.  I dont think I would want to bear my soul so blantently.  I suppose it might have helped & indeed I made a quilt through the loss of my dear mum, but it was all bottled up in me & my hidden meanings.  I admire this lady for doing this and also for producing an outstanding piece of textile work.  It is interesting, balanced, has a lot going on but is treated in such an excellent way, truly outstanding for me, but oh so very sad

On a jolly old note, this was lovely, I really liked this, being a bit obsessed with London at the moment
Conversation with daughter' lets all meet up in Milton Keynes for suit trying on'
Me 'oooh lets come down to London & do it'
Daughter ' Doesnt that cost a lot on the train'
Me well its 30 quid in petrol to Milton Keynes & only 48 quid to London (ignoring the tube costs & Paperchase & all the London eateries)
Daughter well there is one in Northampton.....
DUH - I have been considering all week on how to get back down to the smoke, so this quilt I LOVE, oh by the way the yellow bits are actually road map fabric.  I think that I mentioned that I bought tube map fabric as I am about to start work on making a WEDDING BOOK - yep - I will post about it as I go along
I need a good brain storm & a good think about what book (think the Khadi one will win) or I might buy a new one - Ive got a huge stash of empty books awaiting for THE DAY that they are made alive with drawing, painting & stuff
Whoops sorry got off track there, back to the photos
I liked the use of attic windows, applique and log cabin in this quilt, the colour choices were also very pleasing

I dont usually like wonky placement of blocks, I have no idea, just does not appeal, but I liked this one, I thought that the colour choices were very good & its funky, young and fun, might even have a go at a similar thing myself (thats year 2034 sorted out then Shelagh?)

Finally, cause I am afraid that I might be sending you to sleep.  This was one of three and my favourite, it was beautiful, I am very into lace at the moment so thats probably why.  I think that we should all start wearing lace again, do a Mary Portas & bring back our lace industry.  I have had many goes at trying to make bobbin lace but I have huge mitts for hands, hey they are enormous in the reading glasses at the optician has lend to me, I cant get over how huge my hands look at plus 2.5, very interesting seeing all the blemishes, liver spots and dry skin (oh yuk)
I have a few pieces that has been given to me by very lovely friends that I cherish, the friends and the lace
Right on a babble now so off to an early night.  Back with other things rather than Uttoxeter soon lol, thanks so much for reading my ramblings, am getting a newsletter together along with some other interesting this space x

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