Sunday, 22 April 2012


Boomp de boomp de boomp, we have been raving....last night was my daughters engagement do, wey hey we hit the town running with all the young ones.  Firstly to  the noisiest and busiest and hottest bar I have ever been in, so funny we were so out of place that was for two hours where I was introduced to 'sex on the beach' in huge jugs with lots of straws.  Save to say I poured a little into a proper glass and did the I am almost 60 thing lol
Then it was off to Cocoon....well that says everything doesnt it.  The bar / club opened specially for us, an exclusive couple of hours in a fabulous venue, right in the centre of my local market town.  It was just like on the TV, a barrier & at least 6 security guards (called bouncers in my day)  My husband and I were so amused at the square disks on their arms holding their licenses and their head sets
My pictures are all personal ones of people & I dont post without permission.  But here is a bit of the bar and the neon.  I trotted off to the loo (I always have a story dont I?) very posh and 3 sinks, sorry bowls and huge taps.  Swing the tap right and left nothing... try the next one, no water, grrr then try the third one nothing again, ahhhhh now what do I do, try them all again, panic, ah ha wash hands in running water in a clean toilet bowl and scurry outside to the big boss man,pathetic me...theres no water in the ladies loo....him oh yes there no there is not, so he went into the loo with me (without finding out if anyone else was in there) and pulled the tap towards him and water shot out, boy I felt really silly, he said happens all the time, and I though idiot why dont you put a notice up then, then I thought ah ha you like rushing into the ladies loo with all the scantily clad girls...hoho
So normal service resumed and I trotted back to my cage.  I had asked DH to get me some iced water as we had been drinking champagne & I was driving home.  It arrive din a ghastly glass.  I hate drinking out of horrid glasses, just a pet hate of mine, so I decided to tip some of it into the champagne glass, forgetting that it had chunks of ice in it that obviously would transfer to my glass, oh no not for me a great big piece of ice shot across the glass table, bounced on the lower part of the table, shot across the floor and under a chair.  Oh I was mortified, cant really take me anywhere!!
I retrieved it, phew, popped it into a spare glass when my husband erupted with the most hilarious look on his face and bellowed (men do bellow dont they?) thats my glass and Im drinking that.  I have a very strange sense of humour and collapsed into a heap of giggles.  Goodness knows what all the youngsters thought and the big huge boss man, I must have looked like I was rolling drunk, I got a couple of odd looks for the 'hey I have a big square bright armband and a black jacket and headphone brigade'  DH looked very uncomfortable and then a huge squirt of smoke shot out from the DJ (gosh I sound so cool....not) desk, cough cough cough, I am so glad that I didnt put the errant contact lenses in, cough cough, WHO thinks that is a good idea.  Our friends of our age arrived just as the volume was really pumped up (cool heehee) and we shouted to each other for about half and hour and gave up and fought our way past the paparazzi (not) and slunk off home
When we were outside there was a St Johns ambulance station, all set up, I counted a dozen policemen, just in the small area opposite the bar that we had been in at the start of the evening, there was a girl in hardly any clothes staggering around in the road, and the pole dancers in the windows (see previous post) were in full flow.  I think that secretly my husband thought we were going there!! That would have been even funnier I think
We transferred super cup cakes to friends and came home for a cup of tea, slippers, talk to the cat.
I AM OLD.....yep I defo am and boy am I GLAD.  A one off experience and I am glad we left then as it looked like it was brewing for a war.  All those resources, all those Police taken out of the community to deal with the stupid lot of drunks.  Hey these jugs of 'stuff' were 2 for a tenner, no wonder they are all drunk, its so irresponsible of the pubs, bars etc to offer booze so cheap.  What a load of drunks there were.
On a final note of this tale, my daughter and her friends all had wonderful shoes on, huge 4 or 5 inch stiletto heels, fabulous, of course I had really sensible ones, not quite brogues but sensible and felt like an oik, not to self get into the 21st century for the wedding, short skirt, boobs hanging out and big heels, whoo hoo, wanna join me next Saturday night ...oh sorry I have a date with my furry dressing gown and the TV
Happy days x


  1. Hahaha! What a night you had and what a sense of humor!

  2. They have gone home now as their alcolhol has worn off, glad I didnt drink much champagne. I have the hen do to look forward to, that should be a hoot as well x


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